Music Project - Seeking Investors For Music Production

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are looking for investors for our project idea. This business opportunity involves producing a record deal in a 2-year span. The chances of doing this with major business loan support are very high.

We'll prepare 3 projects.
The investor will receive 5-10x ROI.

To start with, we need 100k.

We will do two free projects first to build our fanbase even more, then in December produce an album to be distributed through iTunes and in-stores.
The Investor Will receive 5-10 times the ROI in 3-4 years.

Although we do all genres, Hip Hop music is our main focus. It provides very good chances of making high profits for anyone willing to invest in it.

There is olny one problem though with Hip Hop - its message. You see, the instruments, and arrangement of them are not evil. The words are evil. So what we're solving is bringing positivity back into the youth and encouraging young people through music.

Our goal with this campaign specifically is to raise $100,000 and promoting of our next album.

We’ve come into this project with the sobering reality that if we don’t raise the money needed for this campaign it is not only going to limit the impact that we are going to be able to have on the our community, but it will also limit the resources available for this album to the point that the future of “Christian’Dee” as an artist would be uncertain at best. We know that if he doesn’t reach his entire goal of $100,000, he will not be able to release the deluxe version of this project that we have planned, we’d have to scratch the promo tour, and we could basically say “goodbye” to any hope of the radio and video placements for our singles that we’d need.

Simply said, with any piece of the planned puzzle missing, it would be like building a house on sand; we’d just be perpetually waiting for our moment of collapse.

Now, with all of that being said and reality pushed aside, we carry a massive wild card. All the money raised through this campaign is going to go directly into the marketing of his new project, which will begin in the fall with the project being released to the public in July of 2011. The project we are going to release is already in production and a lot of the resources are needed for it to get recorded, mixed, mastered and released - we've already taken care of these expenses. Luckily for us, a big portion of our operation is in house and our overhead is very low.

That being said, the money raised from this campaign will be used to gain placement of this project on major networks, radio stations, and social media sites. To accomplish this, we are going to use the bulk of the money raised to simply and consistently promote Christian’Dee and his music. We are going to do this primarily by shooting music videos, developing a legitimate media PR campaign and launching a promotional tour in the winter (2011). A portion of the funds we raise will also go towards paying our entry into showcases at several major conferences throughout the nation that will host all the major decision makers and booking agents for the colleges that we are trying to book shows with. Through these conferences, we hope to develop a touring network with these colleges and continue promoting the gospel to students and young adults through our music.

Competitive Advantage

Hip Hop is the music of preference among boys and young men, ages 13-25, who are part of the fashion culture. Hip Hop music generated 27.3 Millions Units Sold In 2010. Hip Hop Was Also The Only Genre To Increase In Sales (A 3% Increase From The Year Before).

Fashion in Hip Hop has grown into an enormously popular asset in music with over $29 Billion in market value. Each year the base of fashion grows even larger. Fashion is still enjoyed by young men in their thirties. In many cases, these older men still enjoy Hip Hop music. This represents a huge market opportunity for Hip Hop music.

Dapper Music Group will focus on two customer groups:

- Early teen Music | Fashion.
- Late teen Music| Fashion.

Presently, there are few independent artists with CDs in the marketplace. The only real competition is the acceptance of the feminine culture since we pertain to the real hip hop heads. Can a Hip Hop artist with a positive message gain a fan base? The success of an independent artist is dependent on its fan base and its live performances. If the energy is there, the fan base will grow and CD sales will follow.

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