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Opportunity Snapshot

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Investment Opportunity

World’s First Reverse Helmet Design allows for an intuitively more comfortable and ergonomic fit, while simultaneously aiding in the improved transfer of air flow.

Within the Bicycling Industry, it is common knowledge that the early 1970’s gave birth to what would be considered the modern bicycling helmet. These helmets consisted of inexpensive expanded polystyrene foam covered by thin polycarbonate plastic shells. Their sole purpose was to provide some level of head protection in the event of a fall. While more than forty years have passed since its initial launch, little has changed in the overall basic design of these so-called modern helmets. Our research has identified an overwhelming number of retailers, mass merchants and ultimately cyclist, expressing their interest for a more contemporary design in regards to headwear protection. Currently, this need is not being fully satisfied by anyone within the estimated $500+ million a year bicycle helmet industry.

Product Description - In keeping with the adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words", I am attaching a presentation where you can have a look at our designs.

Competitive Advantage

World’s First Reverse Helmet Design - The Advantage 1’s unique reverse design allows for an intuitively more comfortable and ergonomic fit, while simultaneously aiding in the improved transfer of air flow. Its streamlined and aerodynamic shape mimics the look of a traditional baseball cap familiar throughout the world.

Rationale for the deal

Revenue generation within the initial 24 months of operation will be based on the distribution efforts on the independent retail specialists. Currently, there are 4,800 independent specialty retailers that presently service the end user of our product, the U.S. cyclist. In an effort to utilize our resources efficiently, we will initial focus on identifying and working with the 20%, or the 960 retailers that constitute approximately 80% of total annual sales provided by U.S. independent retail specialists. [Note: All U.S. independent retail specialists only contribute between 9% - 12% of the total action helmet sales within the U.S. market].

Use of financing

• Regulatory Certification – To distribute U.S. headwear protection a helmet must receive the necessary certification, without certification, sales would be negatively impacted.
• Sourcing – Given the seasonal nature of our product in certain regions of the country, a delay in raw materials could be detrimental to future sales during the peak sales season.

Opportunity for the investor

We will be licencing this product once the regulatory certification has been done and the investor will either get a buy out of up to 2xs their investment or shares in the company.

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