Training Apparatus that Improves the Skills of Soccer Players

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Soccer Professor is a training apparatus that improves and maximizes the skills of any player. It comes with an easy to follow instructional DVD.

The Soccer Professor was designed by a very experienced player and coach whose passion for the game inspired this invention. It is designed to give the player maximum touches on the ball along with guided instruction on how to execute the correct movement to achieve the best results. The solution to greater agility and coordination is intense, focused practice which the Soccer professor provides.

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Competitive Advantage

There aren't any truly effective tools for the Soccer player. Most items on the market are cumbersome and clumbsy in practical use. The Soccer Professor has been proven in actual studies by the inventor to enhance the players performance on the field.

As the Christmas holiday shopping season approaches us people will be encouraged and eager to purchase something that will help them or their child play better. For the player getting that edge and improving your game is a must. Priced to be affordable, the Soccer Professor will be an easy choice this buying season.

Through out the rest of the year we are confident that our sales will be strong and consistent.

Rationale for the deal

We believe that the Soccer Professor's sales will be impressive right from the start. With so many players from all ages calling Soccer their favorite sport is would make sense for them to purchase the equipment that would give them the best.

We are seeking seed money to help us manufacture and produce the initial run of the Soccer Professor plus pay for the shooting of the instructional DVD. The cost of production is less than a $100.00 and the retail pricing is between $200 and $300 dollars. We are prepared to sell the Soccer professor in several ways. We can go to Soccer parks and demonstrate it and sell it from our vehicles. We created a website called that will attract anyone interested in Soccer and greatly increase our chances of creating a sale.

Through affiliate marketing we will also provide incentive for sales generated by referrals. We also plan to approach the Soccer companies for orders and placement in their inventory.

Use of financing

The seed money will firstly cover the cost of manufacturing at least 100 Soccer Professors and it associated DVD. We will then create the advertising. Traveling, demonstrating and promoting the Soccer Professor will be essential to get the word out that this product delivers what its promise.

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