Tornado Alley Racing Looks for Financing, Investments or Sponsors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are planning on being the premier and only indoor racing facility in North Dakota. Our website will provide more details than can be touched on briefly.

We are aiming at becoming the place in North Dakota to race indoors. Our karts, will be from Europe and capable of speeds over 30mph. Our simulators, will allow us to host iRacing events to the global membership. We can also purchase a mobile simulator unit to allow us to capitalize on the entire U.S. market.

The management team has a key element with 30 yrs experience in karting and simulators. Karting in the U.S. is a huge market with currently over 10 million participating in Karting in some way each year.

We are ready to develop the facility, but we need the financing / investor / sponsors to proceed.

Business plan is available for download by interested investors.

Competitive Advantage

Our only competition in the area is only open seasonally from May to September.

Rationale for the deal

Please ask for our business plan.

Use of financing

Equipment and cash flow.

Looking for similar investment opportunities