Food and Entertainment Business with 3 Different Investment Options

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: USA USA
  • Industry: Food, Beverages, Tabacco
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Years in operations: 9, Employees: 7
  • Investment size: $65,000 / min. $25,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

We need funding to assist us with minor face-lift of establishment, operating capital, and to ensure we are not underfinanced.

Need some help with this prime location and one of a kind entertainment venue in the area!! We are offering three different options for return of investment.

This establishment has been open for 9 years in total. The previous owner was sued for not having proper licensing when it came to entertainment and lost his case in court. He ended up going bankrupt and reopened under a different name and since then didn’t have any entertainment and let the business go down the drain. We are younger and more energetic owners/managers who have the ambition and drive to take this place where it was before and beyond. We need to give the place a minor face-lift to separate it from what it has been known for the past few years. We have a chef coming in to revamp the menu and set this kitchen far apart from any other one in the area and get it known again for its delicious food and fun atmosphere. We have staff that is friendly, upbeat, fun, and most of all courteous!!

For what this actually is and what it is going to be, this is a pretty small investment. It has unlimited potential for revenue after achieving its goal and finishing the face-lift and revamp!! There are three different options to choose from for investing too, which will be explained further in this proposal.

Competitive Advantage

Three of the competitors have closed down due to bankruptcy, fire/insurance fraud, and divorce. We are the ONLY establishment within 20 miles that offers the size venue we do with a bar, a stage and a DJ booth. We have the ability to hold over 550 people and hold a Class A liquor license, and we have great parking. Our promoter has great connections with the majority of all the local bands and musical acts, as well as connections and partners with comedy acts, family acts, misc. entertainment acts and so much more.

Rationale for the deal

The main reason for this establishment's demise so to speak is its lack of promotion and entertainment so far, as well as due to not holding the policies for having such promotions. It is also due to the lack of care and attention to the food side of the establishment. We are tackling those head on and have a plan of attack to get this place back on the map and the talk of the town!!
Sure, other places can try to imitate us but they will not be able to duplicate our success as they don’t have the resources nor the space or connections that we do. If we can get bands or acts at half the price and have a larger better venue for them to play and people to come see them at, we will continue being on top.

Use of financing

The funding will be used not just to do a face lift of the establishment, including paining, carpeting, refinishing of the bar-top and updating the bathrooms and kitchen but also for operating capital. As we know the most common reason businesses fail is due to lack of funding/financing. This establishment can maintain itself doing what it’s going right now, but it’s not making money, and that’s the point of businesses - to make money and do good in the community. With these minor changes to the business, major positive effects will come.

Opportunity for the investor

As I stated before there are several different routes we can go here:

1) Amount invested for agreed percentage of the business (silent partner)

2) Smaller amount invested; smaller ROI will be paid in full, lump sum payment, when my trust is mature within the next several months.

3) My preferred option: Investment of (x) amount of dollars upon a flat amount of return.
Let’s say for example that the investment is $65K, and the flat amount of return is $35K, so in total what you would get back in return is $100K. We would make payments to you monthly or quarterly (I prefer quarterly) of let’s say 20% of the net until you have been paid $100K and then you walk away and that is it.

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