Equity Investment Needed for Quick Service Restaurant with 20% ROI

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: USA USA
  • Industry: Food, Beverages, Tabacco
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $250,000 / min. $100,000
  • ROI: 20% in 5 years
  • Type of investment: Equity
Equity Investment Needed for Quick Service Restaurant with 20% ROI US entrepreneur offering an investor to be a part of a unique opportunity in a market that has shown proven success over the past 10 years. Dennis Wilkinson, 2011, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

Looking for an investor for the next big Quick Service Restaurant. A conservative forecast of 150 meals per day = $504k in sales on the second year. 20% ROI for 5 years.

My concept has the temporary name "Frijoles & More". The idea behind the concept is a Cuban Quick Service Restaurant (think Chipotle, Panera, Pollo Tropical, etc.). This concept will work because of the tremendous exposure Cuban food is receiving in the last 10 years outside of Miami. The food is similar to Mexican, with rice and beans being a primary component in every dish. This will be accompanied by a variation of proteins and sides. My ideas are tremendous for this concept and I feel that with the right investor and my drive/knowledge we can really take this thing off the ground. This concept will only work with a high vehicular traffic or high foot traffic location. I live in NJ and know of several places that can be ideal for this concept.

Competitive Advantage

My concept is well thought out and has an edge over competitors because I know the operations in some of the biggest chains in the country. I know how they do what they do so well. I know that portion control plays a big factor in contributing to the bottom line. Training employees the right way the first time is also a competitive edge I feel this concept has. Competitors can try to replicate this idea, but the fact is that you need the right person to control the operations and without an individual who is savvy with the inner working of QSR's and also has hands-on cooking experience competitors would not be as successful. I have a Marketing degree and I also bring this to the table. The knowledge of who the target market should be and which way it is best to connect with them is something many restaurants lack. Social media will play a big role in the success of this business and as an individual who has been there since the birth of all existing social media sites I can come up with the best campaigns.

Rationale for the deal

Many QSR's have already proved that this style of restaurant works. In a down economy people want to pay less than $10.00 for a meal and this concept delivers that to them. Customers' perception is very important in the success of Chipotle and others. The burrito you would pay $8.50 for is made up 60% of rice and beans which are notoriously cheap foods. Frijoles & More is going to take advantage of this perception and give customers a lot of delicious food for less than $10.00 per person. People are getting tired of Mexican food and are ready to explore new cultures. Cuban food is such a great entry point because the flavors are mild yet delicious.

There are plenty of restaurants in Miami and Miami Airport that are taking advantage of this already and are capitalizing on it. 2 years ago I met with a woman in NJ who had the exact same idea as me , she wanted to know the inside working of Chipotle and I would not share them with her. I told her that her idea was a good one but the location she has leased out did not have enough foot/vehicular traffic and that it would not have enough visibility. She went along and had brief success. After only 1 year of opening her doors she closed down. I told her from the beginning not to bother with that location but she did not listen, location is a vital part of the success of this concept also.

Use of financing

The main reason for the investment is to make this concept into an actual QSR (Quick Service Restaurant). I don't have the sufficient amount of capital it would take to make a place like this profitable within the first 6 months. I need the capital to find and lease a suitable location with high vehicular traffic (NJ has some heavy traffic roads that are operating successful QSR's) The capital will also work to furnish the space with everything it needs and also to launch a marketing campaign from day 1.

Payback will depend on the size of the investment but can be expected to be within 3 - 5 years. I will also be willing to pay the right investor between 15-25% of monthly profits for the time it takes me to re-pay their original investment. I'm open minded and other suggestions will be taken into consideration.

Opportunity for the investor

I am offering an investor to be a part of a unique opportunity in a market that has shown proven success over the past 10 years. (Quick Service Restaurants)

Investor will be offered 25% of the company with an additional ROI of 20% for 5 years. Investor will give me the chance to buy back the 25% at some point in the future.

I need financial backing, I am not looking for an investor to be hands on. I know what needs to be done for this business to succeed. If an investor is interested in being a part of the day to day operations, then we will have to discuss the scope of his/her involvement in operations prior to accepting funding.

$150,000 will be invested on day 1, the other $100,000 will be invested on an as-needed basis.

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