E-Commerce Site as Profitable Investment Opportunity

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Site will be an internet base company designed to combine all of the best individual and already proven ideas in the industry. Combining all available ways of trading, auctioning, buying and selling into one all-inclusive website.

We are looking to start a company with big ambitions and to eventually become the benchmark company of our industry.

The company ties in all the functionality that makes sites such as eBay, Quibids, Amazon and other auction and merchant sites great places to visit.

We’ve created this because we seen a basic need that this market has seemingly forgotten. And are looking to pick the pieces and all the opportunities it brings and run with it.

We are in the very beginnings of what "is" a great opportunity for all who will be involved. We are looking for seed money to begin our project and start on the path.

Competitive Advantage

We intend to make our own additions to the concept of online auctioning, trading, buying and selling, and do it in a more innovative way. Then relay it to the masses.

To be an online merchant site, is a profitable investment opportunity. The desire to purchase is strong, even in tough economies. We intend to give customer another outlet to carry out thier desire for "more".

Following the simple ABC's of business, SUPPLY and DEMAND. We intended to create a platform so that the individuals with SUPPLY are able to connect with those in DEMAND.

Rationale for the deal

This site will be a new company with new ideas,built to provide consumer economical options to save money whilst obtaining basic wants and needs by sharing of information, and auction, trading, selling items to make it possible for consumers to access other ways to obtain products.

The site will tie in all the functionality that makes current eCommerce merchant giants such as eBay, Quibids, Amazon, good places to visit, and only using what "works" as a foundation to build upon and further adding our own ideas and way of thinking, to make what is considered good into something Great!.

Use of financing

We are requesting SEED money. Money to support the sites start-up and sustain it thru its first year of operation.

We have no concerns if you as an investor would like to have someone of whom you placed your trust look over operations and finance from time to time.

Funds will be used for Office space, equipment, salaries, and marketing. Everything a start up co. will require.

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