FACEBOOK INC - Common Share Acquisition - Pre-IPO - Sold Out

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: USA USA
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Later stage
  • Investment size: $57,750,000 / min. $57,750,000

Investment Opportunity

A large size position, 1,750,000 Class B Common Shares of FACEBOOK INC are available for acquisition. A significant ROI is expected when company goes public in mid 2012. The company is expected to report $ 4 Billion in Revenues by year end of 2011. The margin of profit is approximately 31%. The company will soon have 1 Billion users.

The process for acquisition is for purchaser/ investor to acquire for cash 100% of the interests in an LLC, ( Holdco) a Delaware limited liability company, with its sole asset is 1,750,000 shares of FACEBOOK INC common stock.

The LLC has no debt or other liabilities. The shares held by LLC were acquired in 2008 from the acquisition of employee shares pursuant to the company's typical Transfer Agreement.

The Shares are exempt from the ROFR Rules and regulations since the shares have already been issued by Facebook Inc.

The estimated IPO price for 2012 is approximately priced at $ 65.00 + a share.

Valuation : $ 113 Million +
ROI : 100% +

Competitive Advantage

The Worlds Largest Social Network & one of the world's most valuable companies.

Rationale for the deal

Social Media has changed the world as we know it - This leading Social Media company could have a share price of Google.

We could be witnessing the first tech company to debut over $100 Billion in the first day of trading.

Use of financing

The Use of Financing is to acquire the Delaware LLC with the sole asset the common shares of Facebook INC.

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