Forum Network with 16,000 Base Members Looking for Funding to Expand

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are looking to start our own forum network. Our first site, "Kairospot", has grown to over 16,000 members since July 2011. Ad revenues are around $250 a month and rising. We want to multiply these profits with new/other niche sites. We have had 21,087,263 hits since October. We need funding for software licenses, custom coding, and styling.

We have already had a multi-Xenforo bridge built so that our users can easily login and switch between our networked sites with one username and password. Each site has a wordpress/blog section for content to bring people to the site, and then we use XenForo for a community and discussion. Advertisement revenue is our biggest goal. We would also like to produce merchandise, and affiliate sales for our niches.

Our current projects in the works are Gamerspot, Disneyspot, and Applespot. Gamerspot is an all-out gaming website that will feature guides, cheat codes, achievements, discussion, gaming news, and more. Disneyspot will be a hot spot on the web for people to see what's going on at Disneyworld/Disneyland, get special promotions, and possibly book their vacation through us. This will definitely be community based as well. Last, but not least, Applespot will be a home for Apple fanatics that want to discuss (or buy) the latest Apple hardware or software and also see apple news.

These are just the beginnings to our network, as we would like to produce as many high quality niche based communities with a following as possible. The additional funding is needed so that we can buy licenses and branding removals for all of the products that we use in our development.

We also need funding to have a custom style built to match all the websites, with customization to match each site. We will be doing the customizations ourselves with our current design skills. Kairospot, our current site is at a pretty close to its final stage of development. Most things are done and our community is growing more every day.

Competitive Advantage

We have a very caring and welcoming community, that is hard to find. When people stumble across our sites they will want to join because of the nice people they can meet there and the great information they can find.

Rationale for the deal

Ad Revenue, Merchandise, Sponsorships

Use of financing

Licenses, Custom Development

Opportunity for the investor

I would like to discuss the investments personally. I would like to get a debt investment to be paid back with an interest rate beneficial to the investor.

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