ROLLME - Your Single Social Space

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Rollme is a social aggregator, posting, blogging service and web pages constructor equipped with a set of tools easing life of social networks’ users. Rollme lets users focus their efforts on content and accelerate its sharing in social networks providing an exciting method for its generation and publication in one place by one click.

The product is a new solution for new challenges in social networking.

Rollme is invented as a tool:
- To make activity under different accounts to better perform professional functions. No other aggregation platform provides such a tool.
- To construct web page - presentation with any publicly open content (article, video, black-back grounded photo album) securing its better Google indexation.
- To remain equally active in all profiles of social networks and blogs.
- To aggregate all information from social networks and blog resources in one user-friendly newsroll.
- To share information among different social networks with just one click.
- To customize publishing of any kind of information - from micro twit to the full-scale article (with pictures, video, audio, links text messages etc).
- To automatically notify your connected friends about events you created in Rollme.

Competitive Advantage

- Combining cross-posting/sharing, web pages constructing and social aggregation functions in one product
- Great demand to the concept of Rollme from potential target audience of Rollme premium services - socially active users, marketing managers, bloggers, news-makers
- SEO product’s potential embodied in the building of backlinks’ network by means of aggregation and cross-posting
- Very low costs on team maintenance considering the scale of the project
- Focus on optimizing advertising noise and self-promotion
- User-friendly mobile version of the product providing a handy tool for quick blogging
- Simple monetization system
- Rapid growth on Ruby on Rail framework by the experienced team of developers
- Client-oriented service structure of the product, giving an opportunity to resort to outsourcing in the development process without a risk for basic programme

Rationale for the deal

Reasons why our investment opportunity is worth of attention:

- Rollme is equipped with smart monetization scheme targeted at large and dynamically growing audience which guarantee market success of the product
- Rollme delivers urgent and sophisticated solutions to customers’ needs
- Rollme is developed by winning expert Ruby on Rails developers located in Eastern Europe which secure lower personnel costs
- Rollme project is managed by exceptional individuals with vast management and leadership experience
- Our business model require less than $2,000,000 to reach break even.
- To reach return on investments (RoI) point, Rollme must reach 250K of registered users which is possible already in the first year of its lifetime.

Use of financing

Venture funds are needed to develop the product and launch it globally.

3 installments are expected:
1 year - $2,8 М
2 year - $2,8 М
3 year - $0,5 М

$0,5M have already been invested in the project

The business plan and other project documentation can be available upon the request. The management is open to discuss all the proposals and ideas concerning the project.

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