Social Network for Those Who Have FAITH

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A new social network for those who have FAITH. Its a place where people can find friends and spiritual help no matter what their beliefs are. Together trough love and faith!

The site is working right now ( and we need the funding to make it pass to the next level.

We Pray For You is a Social Platform with a world-wide community: made up with people from all over the world with different spiritual beliefs. People from all walks of life share their experiences and find help, support and prayer to carry them through their problems and difficulties. Millions of people come here every day to find new information and share with friends.

Wpray4U is the place for all those looking for a spiritual experience and making a difference in other people's lives. We are a community with a collective soul where members share a common interest: helping others and making the world a better place through the power of LOVE and FAITH. seeks to make a major change on the internet. That is to generate a feeling of very large community in which each individual will feel part of something bigger than themselves or their own problems.

To achieve this goal , we must realize the second phase: updates, notifications, forums, commentaries, chats, etc..that is to say, it is a highly dynamic environment that can not become static at any time.


- Site completed and launched ( in beta phase) by July 2011
- Complete bilingual site by August 2011
- Raise capital for advertising
- Public relations and media strategy

Interested investors can receive more project information if they contact us on Merar.

Use of financing

We need the funding for marketing and creating an infraestructure that allows to make the project grow worldwide.

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