Newly-launched Disruptive Financial Tech Start-up Seeking Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: USA USA
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $1,500,000 / min. $500,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

Majority stake for sale in a game-changing patent-pending wealth management software start-up company. Seeking a strategic partner.

Newly-launched disruptive financial tech start-up seeking strategic investor. The models and software were developed by a Wall Street finance PhD with a team of quantitative developers, who can be part of the deal.

We have launched our innovative, patent-pending goal-based investment risk and optimization software solution for investors and their advisers that determines investment allocations and financial plans based not just on the market but on individualized client goals and risk profiles. Users immediately see the impact of adjusting their financial plan and investment selections, or of different market scenarios, on the probability of successfully meeting their goals. Many software products measure risk and project returns, but ours is the first that holistically looks at goals, assumptions, constraints, net worth, cash flows, market conditions, and the full suite of investment and insurance products to simulate future wealth and tells the investor what matters most to them: can they meet their goals and if not, how does their plan need to be changed?

In other words, we can answer questions like:

- How do we need to adjust our asset allocation, which specific products should we purchase, how do these increase returns at a given level of risk?

- How should we split our investments between tax qualified and non-qualified accounts to best meet goals?

- How can cash flow plans be adjusted to help meet goals?

- What would happen to our ability to meet our goals under different personal and market scenarios? How can the plan be “bulletproofed” against these?

How are we different?

- Other consumer-oriented mobile apps tell you your chances of meeting retirement – ours tells you what to do to measurably increase these chances

- Only our adviser-oriented browser software includes the full set of investment products (stocks, bonds, funds, options, commodities, other derivatives and structured products) and insurance products (including variable annuities and variable life) into the goal analysis and the process of optimizing cash flow plans, asset allocations, and investment / insurance product selection to increase the probability of meeting goals

- Only our software brings risk measures and scenarios, asset returns / volatility / dependency, and a powerfully modeled set of goals, cash flows, and return drivers into our patent-pending portfolio optimization process

- Our tablet solution brings a full financial planning analytics capability to an easy, popular format at a disruptive price point for advisers and consumers

Following extensive beta testing and independent model validation, our software has been released in mobile app form via the Yodlee platform ( and is undergoing intense marketing to Yodlee’s top tier client base. Our app is also live on the Apple Store (for iPhone) and is coming for Apple iPad and Android tablets next. Our open architecture browser-based software is ready for easy integration with a larger institution’s financial advice workflow and portfolio management systems. Our client pipeline is growing and we require capital and the right strategic partner to disrupt and capture the financial planning analytics market.

Please be in touch to find out more.

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