Web-Based Search System for Identifying Missing Persons and Suspects

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: USA USA
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $150,000 / min. $12,500
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

We have developed a web based online video & image search system that allows viewers to identify people of interest such as missing children, missing relatives, others.

Our Solution will enable people to Search and/or identify all types of people at one website. Competitors are individualized, fragmented and poorly maintained. Most are background checking systems using outdated governmental databases.

Our platform has effective search tools. It uses the Gatekeeper Method which is based on utilizing targeted demographic terms and phrases.

Offer cash rewards as an incentive. Cash rewards of as little as $5 are proven to work. Crime Stoppers for instance gave away $97 Mill in 2009.

We have developed a web based online video & image search system that allows viewers to identify people of interest such as missing children, missing relatives, friends or those suspects committing criminal acts or infractions. It is a national web site that offers a unique solution to crimes or infractions caught on video.

Our product is a comprehensive search tool that offers cash rewards to help find and identify people.

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage is simple: we're not using governmental database but the power of the people. We already know that people like cash & cash rewards proven by CrimeStopper are as little as $5.00 lead up to giving out more than $97 Million in 2011.

All competitors’ sites only deal with one category at a time:
• Criminals (Wanted)
• Missing Person
• Missing Children
• Deadbeat Parents
We have all four plus persons of interest on one site & we market on the first page of Google.

Rationale for the deal

Knowing you’re creating something that you know will have positive results because you’re helping people; what could be better than that? A mother can find a lost child, a sister can find a lost brother or a mother finally gets the child support funds she needs. All because we put together an online platform where people can help others reconnect their lives and giving them the closure they’ve been looking for, sometimes for years.

That’s why we changed our direction and are looking for the small investors who want to be part of something that not only has a real ROI but has a value to humanity as a whole.

What did we do? We put together a professional talented team to put our solution on the map and shining from the online cloud that we all use now. Instead of looking for first round funding of $500K and 2nd round of $4.5Mil, we opt just for marketing funds for each year of $150,000 or per investor to cover each month or $12,500 each or par value stock of $1.00. None of the team is taking a salary, not one because we like the idea of helping people, seeing and feeling the emotional reward. So if you know any investor that believes in helping people but like the idea of get a ROI, and then send them our way. This is a way for any investor to test the waters.

What’s fun?
First we’ve got our first & 2nd investor and we’ll launch 2nd week in April without any problems. You’ll also find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Blog, we’ll be ready to go when the site is live.

Use of financing

In November last year we changed course and instead of seeking 1st round funding, elected to just seek marketing funds.
We also elected to hire staff solely with stock in the corporation, instead of salary or benefits.
• We were successful, via social media efforts, of acquiring the following:
• Additional application engineer (BA , Mathematics & Computer Science)
• Application designer (MBA, w/ concentration in MIS)
• Social Media / business analysis director (Master degree IT Management)
• Operational business management (BA Business Management)
We issued 2 million shares to set this process in order

The initial strategy was to build a new site but include all needed & required functions. Upload the 6000 images from the 4 categories outlined and acquire funds for marketing. One of the directors suggested that we focus on smaller investors and use $150K needed to be broken down by months or $12,500. He then came up with the initial investor and we’re working off those funds and ahead of schedule. Launch for the new site with current funding is planned for the first or 2nd week of April 2012.
Hosting is with Peak 10 and first 2 months are at no charge.

Opportunity for the investor

For the equity investor our offer allows them to test the waters

Shares are at par value of $1.00

Revenue Stream Example:

There are over 35 Million searches in this category each month.
We’ll take 20% as viewers (those interested in identifying others), which makes 7 Million.
We’re going to take 4% of the viewers & convert them to users / customers, i.e. 280,000 users.
We’ll take the 280,000 X $19.95 = $5.3 Million Revenue
This is less than 1% of the market share.

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