Handcrafted Skin Care Product Development in the Pacific North West

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: USA USA
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Years in operations: 2, Employees: 2
  • Investment size: $300,000 / min. $250,000
  • ROI: 4% in 10 years
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

Develop, market and monetize our amazing line of western and eastern ayurvedic skin care products with only the purest of ingredients being used.

Our company fills the void between Eastern ancient medicine and innovative Western biotechnology to bring you a luxury line of natural products.
We thought about everything, your face, hair and body, your physical and mental health, even your home. A complete line of eco-friendly products blended with precious plants and spices. Our company brings a holistic approach to lotions, oil and many diverse products for your everyday life.

Located in the Pacific North West USA will evolve in a big way over the next few years. Building the foundation for a platform that enables the consumers to enjoy the passion.

As we continue to grow as a company, we know it’s important to define who we are and the core values that drive us. Promoting who we are and publishing these core values will keep us accountable for providing the customers with the best product and services.

We have designed and tested a line of personal care products with genuine global reach and sales ability, which we have been developing over the past 2 years.

Our company also has a strong focus on ones well-being & sustainability, including environmentally sustainable ingredients, among many other genuine advanced innovations in our development. The start-up cost of over $150,000.00 dollars including product development and some marketing have already been absorbed and we are a functioning company.

We just need to get to the next level which is to financially support the on-going operations and anticipated future expansions and provide a global promotions and marketing vehicle.

We are ready to begin right now, however, to build this global project, that will generate direct employment opportunities in its 'principle' location, and more around the world we need an infusion of capital of $300,000.00. dollars to commence. The project is ready to generate its own revenue and working capital. Full details including branding, website, formulation, etc. will be available on request for genuine and capable potential Investors, Partners or People and organizations that would like to get involved offering goods, services or sponsorship.

The Investor/angel investor will get the best position in the project, because once we have begun operation, we do not anticipate a need to invite additional investors.
Once a very strict confidentiality agreement has been signed and secured details would be provided.

Competitive Advantage

We have done years of intensive research to develop a product that helps you find the right balance to live a better life.

Vetiver’s therapeutic and aromatic qualities have been seamlessly incorporated into each of our products to promote an overall feeling of well-being. Additional customary herbs and spices employed in Eastern traditions, have been fused into our product assortment, to work synergistically with the Vetiver root oil. They include: Haritaki, Shikakai, Reetha, Aswagandha, Bibhitaki, Amla, Indian spikenard, Turmeric.

These ingredients possess medicinal qualities in the treatment of a host of internal and external ailments related to hair, skin and other health imbalances.

With our product selection ranging from facial cleansers and body creams to scrubs and lotions, our COMPANY line addresses a wide variety of common concerns. Our products are eco-friendly, gluten free, vegan friendly, cruelty-free and contain NO: Parabens, Phthalates, Paraffin, Formaldehyde, SLS, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Fragrance, Petrolatum, Synthetic Color, DEA.

There is also a very highly confidential genuine 'world first' component of the project, which is only available to disclose once a very strict confidentiality agreement has been signed and secured.

Other areas that may be of interest to you are addressed on our website.

Other including financials, revenues, projected profit, anticipated ROI's are outlined in our Business Plan. All documentation will be made available on request from genuinely interested Investors.

Rationale for the deal

Our company originated from the idea that skin care should be functional yet simple and most of all not harmful to ourselves neither to the Earth.
Working with all skin types and ethnicity to bring excellence performance to every skin care regimen, for women, men and kids. Plus, only the purest ingredients will be used so you never have to worry about harsh chemicals or fillers.

According to the company’s founder, beauty products should be as much about what they do on the inside as on the outside. He fused scientific advances with ancient healing practices. Treatments include ingredients such as Vetiver of course, Indian Spikenard, Haritaki, Amla, and many others, each formulated to balance both body, mind and the place we all live in, Earth.

Use of financing

Marketing and outreach campaigns - 100000 USD
Provision for fixed expenses - 50000 USD
Operating expenses -150,000 USD

Opportunity for the investor

Interest rate per annum: 4%

Expected payback period: 10 years after 1 year of inception of the company.

If you are genuinely interested and have genuine means to help the physical realization of this project, please contact us on Merar to discuss things further or request our Business & Development Plan.

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