Producer of High Point Insulated Panels Is Looking for Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: USA USA
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $500,000 / min. $350,000

Investment Opportunity

We developed and patented a rigid Roof and Wall insulated panel building envelope system for pre-engineered and steel buildings. We want to start manufacturing and national distribution. We are doing additional certifications to support sales and industry specifications. We are setting up the first manufacturing site on the East Coast.

We are producing a light weight, fire resistant and semi indestructible rigid insulation product that has a constant very high energy efficiency and completes the building envelope system.

This product will be launched on the East Coast and following on the West Coast starting a national distribution and manufacturing network across the US before Exportation.

The projected return on this investment will begin within eighteen months of funding at the rate of ten to twenty per cent per year from the date of funding. The cash payback period is projected to be no more than five years with a average return on the investment of fifteen per cent per year. This investment of $500,000.00 with a average projected return of fifteen per cent per-year returns a projected $1,005,679.00 at the end of five years.

In the steel building industry there is only three other insulation systems on the market to date. They are variations of fibre glass systems that are not efficient all the time making a poor building envelope and are controlled by the environmental conditions. These systems are very labour intensive, lack in worker safety and must be protected during the installation from damage due workers neglect, other trades penetrations, rips and tears as well as the weather elements. They must be installed and covered as they are installed. The next is rigid and spray foams. They are very expensive and fragile when installed and must be covered to protect them from fire.

These products are so rigid they break apart with the natural design movement of steel buildings destroying any building envelope they may have had. These systems also have to be installed and covered up as they are installed and offer no worker protection when used in roof installations. The last is insulated metal panels. They are the most expensive to purchase and install.

Our product picks up where all the others fall short or don't perform.

What makes this a good investment opportunity for is the investor is the return on the investment in a short time and the wide open market for energy efficient systems as well as the ability to do new and retrofit projects. This is a certifiable green product and 100% recyclable.

All the markets are looking for things to be more efficient in all ways, saving money, easier to install, less time consuming, safer to use and adaptable to are present lifestyles and in this case buildings.

The initial development of this product is complete with the house testing of the product and materials as well as some third party certification. We are now finishing the final stages of back up certifications, marketing, distribution, product support, manufacturing process start up and final choices of material suppliers. This is what the funding is for.

If you are interested investor, feel free to contact me on Merar.

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