Global Network Promotions Television IP Live Broadcast Globally

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

GNP TV offers what it calls “zero loss advertising”, where it optimizes the distribution of in-stream ads so brands can reach their market targets.

GNP TV 17 is a broadcast television channel providing products to help advertisers deliver ads to target demographics across online, mobile pads, and television with new efficiencies.

Launching in 2012, GNP TV 17 provides an ad optimization service for advertisers to deliver ads to a teen/family demographic. For example, advertisers can use GNP TV to deliver campaigns to teen gender segments or to family audiences that have shown an affinity towards a particular brand. This channel is currently being deployed as online, mobile and tablet aggregated content and live television streams.

GNP TV 17 is expanding into global markets in the coming year and offering its ad service for new multi-screen applications for advertisers, media agencies and original content publishers.

Our clients can advertise in a brand-safe ecosystem where they can confidently market their products and services with maximum engagement. Find out about the opportunities for your brand to connect with consumers via trans media, pre roll inventory, expandable ads, display ads, leader board banners, takeovers, fadeout's, and customized features allowing the greatest campaign flexibility.

Competitive Advantage

GNP TV Channel 17 offers teen programming, delivering a diverse 12-24 year youth market. Programming includes Education, Humor, Music, Lifestyle and News. Providing Teen Cool material and content is our focus.

The new music reality show, “Super Teens” is slated to launch mid-2012, and is to be the first of several GNP original productions to be offered on the channel. Stay Tuned!

GNP TV 17 offers unparalleled picture quality, "HD LIVE" televised broadcasts, and a broad offering of aggregated content. Our teen and family-oriented shows are live broadcast and offer attractive brand partnership opportunities for connecting with consumers via media commercial, sizzle content, pre-roll inventory, expandable ads, display ads, leader board banners, takeovers, fadeout, trans media and customized features, allowing flexibility for advertising to a global audience. For exceptional growth for your brand, revenue streams and consumer engagement, contact us for more information.

Rationale for the deal

Global Network Promotions Television is a mainstream global digital broadcast Communication Company providing real television in cyberspace similar in nature to linear television at Comcast, Direct TV and Dish Networks. The Company holds intellectual properties which allows for its proprietary technology to carry forth the changing of television channels via the viewer’s keyboard, remote control or other input device; deliverables of original, acquisition and aggregated content, marketed live stream events attracting pay per viewers, content on‐demand and free basic cable subscription.

Use of financing

Financing is needed for project development, national marketing/advertisement campaign and a (30) city national events production tour to seek musical talents for our first reality music competition show season of (8) episodes to be run on GNP TV.

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