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Haze Hoffa Ent. is a up and coming entertainment company. We are unique company in the aspect that we don’t just record music we also promote and market the individual also though many different outlets. Currently we are a home office company looking to expand into a building to get more exposure to more customers.

My new venture is classified as part of the broad range of products and services by the media and marketing industry. This is an ever-growing and diverse branch which includes advertising, marketing and media for products and services offered by others. This sector has always played a crucial role in the American economy and as business continues to become a global affair, this sector will enjoy continued growth.

As a member of the media and marketing community, I understand the gravity of the issues facing our industry and am excited to make contributions in this dynamic field. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I am aware of the various responsibilities that will be asked of me, including the management and development of my company, as well as the regulatory guidelines that have been set for the media and marketing community.

The modern media and marketing industry has grown to include a wide diversity of services, including media products, marketing campaign management and marketing sales. Developments are continually made in the field, many of which include new innovations, research and advancements. Generally speaking, all media and marketing business owners strive to provide their customers with the best possible service, while minimizing cost and reaching a large market. Technological advancements that have been made in the last 20 years have dramatically sped up the development in the field and this has allowed media and marketing business owners to provide better service to their customers than ever. By its nature, work in this field is a relatively safe, but may often entail long, odd hours and sometimes stressful work environment. Industry regulation has become one of the defining tenets of the media and marketing community. Regulations, either set by the government or the industry itself, have helped produce some of the highest quality products and service that has ever been offered in the industry.

Furthermore, the consumer is now more informed than ever about the services they can expect, increasing the product value. Given the importance of the media and marketing industry to the American economy, the US government has been making great efforts to support and encourage the community. There is now more education, training and funding available to today media and marketing employees than ever before. Many in media and marketing are active members of their local communities and often make sizable donations to charities and foundations. In order to continue this development, the government is actively searching for ways to assist the media and marketing community with a wide variety of tax subsidies for entrepreneurs and educational programs for employees. Due to the growth of the media and marketing industry and my professional experience, this is the ideal time to begin my new company. The media and marketing sector has firmly rooted itself in America economy and identity and this background will make an ideal springboard for my company growth and development.

Business plan is available on Merar for download by potential investors.

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