CA Startup w/Diagnostic Tech Seeks Equity 2 Penetrate $200T Mrkts.

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have pioneered & patntd new, green, Med Diagnostic screening tools.1200 tests.99.9% accuracy;100% safe;0 direct competitors.Offers Better,cheaper,& faster diagnosis.

We solve PROBLEMS & fill unmet NEEDS in medicine, through next-gen medical device technologies. Our first product is called the “Multi-Organ Diagnostic System” (hereafter referred to as MODS) a non-invasive & non-stimulatory diagnostic screening tool, which instantly pinpoints the degree of different organ pathology/illness; advises the user of organ condition; & may eventually name the illness prior to clinical symptomology. Per our Executive Summary (ES), MODS is better, faster & cheaper than current imaging technologies (X-Ray, MRI, PET, CT, SPECT, Ultrasound, & Nuclear Imaging). Present diagnosis technologies DO NOT give an instant & accurate picture of overall organ health; are OPEN to physician error, & many organs simply CANNOT be medically assessed in this manner. Our invention, arose from our pioneering work in electro-medicine w/ bio-potential measurements, & finding direct correlations to organ health diagnosis. Similar in some ways to the EKG, we measure energy not introduced into, but “given off” by the body, & utilize software to measure bilateral asymmetry of the signals, arriving at quick, reliable, easy to read, color-coded (green, yellow, & red), health assessment of 12 organs. Per our ES, The Diagnostic Imaging Market for Traditional X-ray, CT, PET, MRI, Ultrasound, & Nuclear Medicine is enormous: $ 9.6 B/yr US; & $ 23.4 B/yr. worldwide. With 491M Radiologic exams & 23M Nuclear medicine exams annually in the US (a $1.3 trillion US annual billing stream), we believe MODS will be used in a growing %tage of Diagnostic Radiology exams; both capturing a portion of, & exhibiting strong growth in tandem w/ these above figures. US target customers consist of Health Providers (i.e. Hospitals & Relevant Targeted Medical Practitioners); Medical Insurance Providers/Payors; and EMT’s resulting in 664M total potential US customers: a $200 Trillion US market. Revenue will be generated through the sales of MODS devices w/ a $75k retail price planned distributed by an established corporate partner at wholesale or lease. The hospital or physician will charge patients $150-$300 for each diagnosis. With est. manufacturing cost of approx. $9k/unit, our GP is a healthy 83.3%. Using MODS 3x a day would generate $160+k a year in charges for the user/care provider, paying for itself in less than 6 mos! Project Justification is shown in the ES and accompanying doc “Proof of New Tech. NEED-Our MODS device vs existing diagnostic imaging technologies.” With trillions of dollars at stake, & ongoing growth use in medicine, current diagnostics are FAILING US, costing us billions, & one of the largest contributors of rising US per capita healthcare costs. Our breakthrough technology is needed to bring order & reduce costs all around. Presently, we’re a start up, w/ approximately $5M dollars invested from the founding team. We have a proof-of-concept prototype, & conducted over 1,200 successful trials LA Hospitals w/ 99.9 % accuracy, and have patents on all devices w/addt’l patents to be filed and granted. Next milestone requires $6.3M to get to a production prototype for FDA testing. We seek total cash infusions of $26.7M in exchange for equity position, to open ops, continue prototypes & fund Class III PMA FDA approval, & commercialization, based on CF projections. Breakeven projected in yr 4: selling just 681 units! Anticipated ROI is 1289% in 5 yrs (Net Profit 344,150,823/26,700,000 capital invst) *100)

Competitive Advantage

Five to six dominant players are recognized as “indirect competitors” offering a buffet of many differing modalities of traditional & advanced imaging equipment, with America as their largest market. They represent & control the present & future R&D in this field, & are otherwise unchallenged from outsiders.

Review of the portfolios of 70 of the largest early-stage VC’s specializing in medical devices & healthcare demonstrate no investments in diagnostic imaging, other than: one with a more portable ultrasound, & another with an improved cardiac-imaging tech/software.

The top 3 Big-Tech leaders in Imaging are: GE Healthcare (UK), Philips (The Netherlands), & Siemens (Germany); with subsequent competitors Toshiba (Japan), Hitachi (Japan), & Hologic (U.S.) rapidly gaining presence. The current trend of merging of modalities such as PET/CT, SPECT/CT, & MRI/PET enables them to potentially provide a full gamut of imaging scans through the same unit, & at the same time.
Our particular innovation, is quite a significant step forward for diagnostic imaging, for there is no such comparable product. It addresses a clear need, offers new unparalleled benefits, fits a new niche, & thus would be relatively unchallenged, as the sole representative of its kind.

We have significant cost advantages over the million+ dollar machines of our indirect competitors, many of which require specialized rooms, & quite significant costs of energy, cooling, & on-going maintenance. Our sales will be to established corporate distribution partners for $53,000 (incl. initial supply of customer disposable electrodes/unit) & ultimately re-sold to targeted end medical providers at a $75k retail price (a 30% mark-up), or made available through lease. Aeon’s GP is a healthy 83% or approx. $44k per sale.
The end user, hospital or physician, is envisioned to charge patients $150-$300 for the diagnosis scan. Using MODS 3x a day (at $150/scan) would generate $160k+ a year in charges for the user/care provider, with the device paying for itself in less than a half year! This results in quite a smart purchase, with comparatively very low acquisition cost, & lower operative energy costs per patient screening, & offers a new profit area as well as a more mobile diagnostic.
While marketing plans are included in the ES, they include active publishings in peer-reviewed medical journals, attending key trade shows, & seeking publicity through news & television shows. In addition, is it contemplated, in view of our low manufacturing costs that some universities & hospitals will be granted free evaluation models to test & utilize for a specified period of time, in exchange for written articles or other endorsements, or approvals, etc.

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