Non-Invasive Blood Sugar Monitoring System

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have a patented system (issued 5/25/2010) that enables diabetics to measure their blood sugar level without pricking for blood. A tiny drop of sweat gives an accurate reading that will help diabetics avoid the pain of pricking themselves

1st phase: Start manufacturing and distribution

2nd Phase: Sales of licenses in countries around the world ($10 billion market)

3rd Phase: After FDA approval, sales of the product in the USA

The investors will get their money back within 2 years according to our projections; an equity position is on the table as well.

Presently, diabetics prick themselves to read their blood sugar, and that's painful. The opportunity to check their blood sugar without pricking themselves opens the door to this $10+ billion dollar opportunity. Diabetics are looking for a non-invasive procedure, and this is it. In addition, we have perfected the software so that if a diabetic goes into shock or is in some type of distress their Physicians and/or family members will know exactly where they are via GPS technology.

All the documentation, proformas, patents, executive summaries and etc. are done and available for your inspection. We need an investor who wants to take advantage of this billion dollar opportunity.

Competitive Advantage

Johnson and Johnson and Bayer are 2 of the biggest players in this field, but they have not perfected blood sugar testing process, and they presently market their devices, as could be regularly seen on the TV. After contacting with them, we arrived at the conclusion is that they are not interested in this technology.

Our group has the patents and the knowledge to bring this technology to the market, and we are the only ones that have perfected it. And yes, this advantage is sustainable.

Rationale for the deal

Selling rights to countries around the world for billions opens the door for us to supply them the materials for distribution around the world. The company will make money by selling licenses to those countries, and these investments will bring 100's of millions, and even billions per country.

Presently, there others who market a program to test blood sugar, but the methods they use are still painful and invasive to the diabetics.

Opportunity for the investor

We are open to talk about an equity position within the company.

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