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A small apparel and accessory company in the USA is looking for investment to grow the business, increase marketing, and expand the brands globally.

SYH Industries, LLC is the parent company for the apparel brands Microfurr, Butt Furr, Furrkinni, Baby Furr, and Golf Furr. The company manufactures and markets a broad range of apparel and accessory items from a trademarked fabric called Microfurr. Microfurr is a unique fabric in the marketplace that offers superior comfort, visual, tactile, and wear resistant properties. Currently no other manufacturers use this fabric in the apparel industry. The company believes that Microfurr could displace Fleece as the dominant pile fabric in the apparel industry.

To grow the business The Company now seeks equity investment totaling $2 million. This sum will finance transition through the expansion phase so that the Company can accelerate its product development, implement an aggressive sales and marketing plan, increase distribution, and position its product lines into focused brands that target specific market segments.

This investment will allow the company to operate at a higher-level of efficiency to successfully expand its apparel and accessories business worldwide.

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