Apparel Line for Proven Popular Fashion Items Wholesaled to Retailers

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are seeking for an investor to invest in our apparel line. The line is of modern western design and is proven and popular in major retail locations.

The investment would be used for continued product development, line expansion, and operating expenses. The investment required is 250K-450K.

We do the designing, have those designs manufactured and then sell the items to wholesalers. We do the latter strategically to put the produced apparel in both modern and western wear retailers, upscale boutiques throughout the USA, Europe and the World.

Cash will be paid back to the investor twice a year, on the revenue from the sales of two seasons.

The business is already proven and popular.

We are in a niche market and use very high quality products and unique amazing designs.

That it is already a proven line and the designs are sought after. In a very short period of time the line will be a multimillion dollar business.

Apparel is a very rich lucrative business, especially if you have breath-taking unique designs and the best producers and leadership and team like we do.

We have been operational for approximately four years.

We need funding for expansion into other apparel markets.

Competitive Advantage

The parties involved in the business are the producer, the sales representatives, as well as some personal assistants.

What gives us an advantage against our competitors are our one of a kind designs and high quality materials.

We have chosen to operate in a niche market, and have already developed a proven and well accepted line. We generate fashion forward ideas.

What also distinguishes us from others is our enormous passion and work ethic. We believe we know and understand the market and foresee what the next big thing will be.

Other can't copy us because our designs are always changing.

Rationale for the deal

My opportunity is to be the designer and to oversee the company while having a manager and highly qualified team. I will have an yearly wage and a percentage of ownership and sales.

Use of financing

- Continuing the line of apparel and the product development
- Expanding the lines
- Expanding the business

The funding will be used to cover all operating expenses.

The instalment schedule and the account for the above purposes will decided upon in the next several months, and will be included in the contract/agreement.

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