Garment Supply to Giant Wholesale Company in the USA Market

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are the garment supplier in the USA. We get garments manufactured in India and we supply to the big giant wholesale companies in the USA.

We are the supplier for T-shirts to the giant wholesalers from the USA market and the prices what we supply for are unbeatable. You can say that we supply the items 25% cheaper than any other suppliers from any country.

We produce them from very small Indian factories who have very less overheads and they can produce for us in very competitive prices. We have started getting the orders from several buyers from Los Angeles. We have got one order confirm for more then 75000 $ for which the samples are approved from the buyer. The rest of other orders are in the sampling process and for those we will get confirmation from the buyers till may end. The total order inquiries we have from our buyers are for more than 250,000 $. This is just the beginning and we are planning to do the business of at least 2 million dollars from the coming year ahead.

The backing that we are asking for is for the production of the goods. These amount we are going to give advance to the manufacturer in India for producing the same goods and balance of the amount we have to give them when our buyer will pay the entire money in one shot against the delivery. Our team will be there to complete the production and to check the quality everyday according to the buyers need. We have received the purchase order from the buyer.

The production process will take around 45 days and the transit time will be for at least 25 days to reach the goods here. This time is for: purchasing of the yarn, knitting fabric, dying fabric, compacting fabric, cutting, stitching, checking, ironing and packing.

The backing amount will make us and our company stand in the market and we will do big time business with our buyers for years long. We will be thankful for the backers for having trust in us and we assure our backers that they will be proud to see us growing in the coming year ahead.

Competitive Advantage

We are out of the competition because the prices which we have quoted our current buyers are the best prices and the sampling for the same buyers is going on in India and we can supply as much big quantity the buyers require.

Rationale for the deal

The prices which we quote to our buyers are with the difference of not less then 20% that means we give 20% less price to the buyers compare to other suppliers and we give the local FOB deliveries to the buyers with the custom clearance till their warehouse.

Use of financing

Our buyers are the best picked buyers from the market and some give advance and some give letter of credit to our company and we will use our funds to get the goods produced from India and UAE.

Opportunity for the investor

We are offering the minimum ROI of 10% per annum to the investors and till the time funds are in the company the business will run round the year but we are looking for funding for minimum of 3 years.

The ROI will be paid to the investors every quarter of the year.

We are looking for the silent investors.

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