Online CRM & CMS Builder for ExtJS

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Online CRM & CMS builder service in ExtJS & PHP as SAAS.
Generating fully downloadable and Installable project in ExtJS+PHP.
There would be ready to use in generated projects modules like:
- Users & Access management
- Chat
- Logs
- Desktop (like in windows)
Commented codes.
Funding reqiured for developing.

We are group of freelancers developing 5 years in ExtJS and PHP.
In 5 years we done a lot of ExtJS applications (
It`s taking to more times to develop ExtJS applications.
Almost all of the applications we wrote are data processing software like CRM, CMS and etc. (Forms, Grids, Tables, Lists, Users & Access, Chat)
And we came to the conclusion that it would be great to have software that will generate ExtJS applications in seconds.
You should only create data models and wizards will generate applicatoin in seconds.
Yes, you should extend or modify the code source, but anyway writing such as part of code takes 80-90% of developing time. You will modify only 4-5% of source code of generated application.
The generator (Builder) will generate also server side scripts (for first time PHP).

ExtJS now has a million developers over the world.

Competitive Advantage

No competitors.

Rationale for the deal

As said there are million ExtJS developers and no competitors.
Any developer agrees paying with little amount of sum to pay for project that takes months of time which he will get it in from 1 hour to one week.
It`s enough for project being lucky 0.01% percent of developers.

Use of financing

Investment needed for payments to Developers.

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