Debt Financing For Major Projects From International investors.

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a Private Group that specializes in International Investment through two arms. Our Commercial arm focuses of financial brokerage in African countries.

We are a Private Group that specializes in International Investment through two arms.
Our Investment Arm manages various private investments under an array of subsidiary companies & divisions. This arm is closed to private internal investors across our group only.
Our Commercial Arm manages a number of business interest that are categorized in 15 industry sectors.

We offer Brokerage Services (Zimbabwe).

We specialize in bespoke financial and investment offerings by internationally reputable and stable banks, investment boutiques, and companies among others. Some of these offerings may be our equity/capital but still provided through these reputable institutions.

We primarily serve affluent, high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients (individual or institutional) through a business model that leverages on our international reach and expertise. As such most of our offerings are typically in the excess of One Million United States Dollars (USD$ 1,000,000.00) for investments, with our finance offerings at the excess of Ten Million United States Dollars (USD$ 10,000,000.00) across various industry sectors (Real Estate, Hospitality, Agriculture, Banking, Medicare etc.).

Structured Finance.

To clients that are looking at establishing/expanding projects which require extensive amount of money (multi-million projects) that would otherwise be a challenge to secure with traditional lenders (such as local commercial banks), we provide bespoke structured project finance. This is provided by our Lead Financiers on the backdrop of assessment of the project’s professional bankable documents. Some of the many reasons as to why an extensive number of clients turn to us for the facilitation of this product are the reduction of traditional lending requirements such as initial collateral, extensive initial fees, lengthy application periods among others.

1.1.] Initial Project Finance Criteria.
1.1.1. Documents: It has to be a ready/ongoing project with the relevant professional bankable documents in place.
1.1.2. Minimum Facility: It must be USD $10 million upwards.
1.1.3. Finance Type: Must be seeking Debt finance as we do not cater for Equity finance at this juncture.

1.2.] Pre-Finance Milestones.

Do allow me to also point to you our Pre-Finance Milestones as follows:

Milestone Item 1: Project Ready Ascertaining;
Milestone Item 2: Client Mandate Securing;
Milestone Item 3: Pre-screening & Outcome;
Milestone Item 4: Funding Proposal & Indicative Term Sheet (Term Sheet);
Milestone Item 5: Loan & Security Agreement (LSA);
Milestone Item 6: Project Drawdowns;

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