Emergency Response (Ambulance) Services Start Up Project in Zambia

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is about setting up an emergency response private company in Zambia. This service does not exist in Zambia at the moment resulting in a number of people to die. We want to provide a financially stable company with the humanitarian aspect being the focal drive. We intend to train paramedics and provide ambulance services.

We want to provide a professional world-class standard paramedic an ambulance emergency response service.

The working class and general public will be targeted. The service level will vary depending on the need.

Revenue shall be generated through membership (sign ups) with companies, individual and also call out from the general public.

This service is badly missing in Zambia and the government services are very poor.

The funds are required to star this business as start up and for punches of equipment.

We intend to pay back the money over a 24 months period. Our project ROI for the investor is 20%.

Competitive Advantage

The government has felled to provide the service. The existing ones are poorly funded and literally non-existence.

If well funded and professionally assisted, our success can and will be sustainable for many years to come.

Rationale for the deal

The Zambian economy is one of the best performing in Africa. The subscriptions from the corporate industry and call out will be able to generate enough capital with very good profit margins.

The other competitors are making reasonable money despite not being well funded, poor equipment, non well trained personal, not accredited etc.

We have well-supported teams who have a paramedic company in South Africa that will give us the professional support.

Use of financing

The funding will be used for establishing the start up. We need ambulances, equipment, training, product ads and awareness etc.

We believe that a once off funding will be required.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for up to $2USD million with a pay back period of 36month. The interest rate will be negotiable. The investor will be allowed to get involved with the business as there is the chance of providing us with other advise that will improve our over all performance.

We would like to propose a three-tranche payment over nine months.

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