Exploitation, Transportation and Exportation of Timber from Cameroon

Small but steadily growing company in Cameroon producing and exporting timber in round logs and sawn looking for $1,000,000 to acquire logging and processing equipment.

Family Entertainment Center Start-Up with Ripple Profit Effect

We have identified an enormous opportunity in untapped market. We are are seeking funds to develop a world-class Family Entertainment Center in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Charitable Humanitarian Services Organization in Africa Needs Funding

Charitable humanitarian services organization needs financing for the education of kids and launching of the widow employment scheme in Africa.

Sustainable Beekeeping and Farming across Rural Communities

We seek for assistance/investors and subsequent partnership to execute our projects because as it stands, we lack the required funds.

Female Entrepreneur with Online Entertainment and Lifestyle TV Shows

Young female entrepreneur with experience in media, entertainment and events management, interested in starting an online entertainment and lifestyle TV show.

Investment Opportunity in Growing a Food Business in Africa

$500,000 is needed to make the up-front payment to the village community and start up the farm. The contract has been drawn up by lawyers in Buea and signed.

Corn Farm Land in North West of Cameroon is in Need of Investments

Our group has secured a land in Cameroon to produce corns. The demand of this staple food in Africa is getting higher with few professionals farms in Cameroon.

Internet Caf├ęs Start-up Business in Cameroon Needs Funding

Once the finance is available, it shall take about six weeks to get everything installed and to make the business operational.

Establishing Private Nursery Schools Project in Cameroon

The funding shall go to provide such infrastructure and equipment necessary to run the schools. The demand for quality education has risen in this country.