Diversified Business Plan to Create Employment and Food Production

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Cameroon Cameroon
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Investment size: $25,000 / min. $10,000

Investment Opportunity

We have a three-year business plan aimed at harnessing resources at our disposal (human resources and natural resources) and we are looking for investors (to provide financial resources) to create a lucrative economic entity. Our business plan at its completion will create more than 1000 jobs and increase food production. The project refers to the sectors Agriculture, Recycling, Hospitality, Beauty, and others.

The president of the company is the owner of a 20 hectare palm estate, 12 hectare cocoa farms, Vigil lands of more than 10 hectares, and the manager of cheap sales cold store Ekondo Titi. The CEO of the new entity (Agborka Enterprises) is the owner of Fathie new Look Saloon (F.N.L.S), Fathie Spot (a snack bar and restaurant) and Fathie Classique (a modern cyber cafe).

The Aim of our business plan is to put together all resources we already have, create space to accommodate new ideas for growth to create the economic entity Agborka Enterprises.

Agborka Enterprises is an innovative concept of expansion and growth. We intend to match the right combination of human, natural and financial resources to emerge as leaders in agricultural products, scraps collection (pet bottle, iron, aluminum, copper and paper scraps, and virtually any product that can be recycled), Beauty and Internet( Cyber Cafe).

At the end of our plan, we will be able to export at least 40% of our output to the international markets, we will be selling tons of scraps to recyclers, and we will have 8 restaurants, 6 saloons, and 5 cyber cafes in Cameroon.

After receiving the capital we intend paying 20% of our profits as debt a month till the debt is fully paid back. We are already in business and make profits as the snack bar, the restaurant and the saloon are already functioning; palm farm is producing fruits for oil production and the cocoa farms are also producing cocoa.

We need $25000USD to purchase a small size palm oil mill, palm kernel oil mill, to buy a second hand delivery van and also to carry out our renovation at the Bar to make it the talk of the town, where everybody will want to go to when they need fun.

We have carefully considered our options, the world faces global warming, everybody is now talking green, and businesses also must go green to fight global warming. In this sense, scrap collection will always be lucrative as more energy, water, time and other resources are saved when recycling. The world is also facing hunger problems. Agriculture will always be lucrative.

We have already invested the sum of $70,000USD for startup, research and investment.

We need to $25,000USD to bring our business plan to fruition.

Competitive Advantage

The company has innovative concepts and our competitive advantage is that we are the first to conceive collection of pet bottle scraps and paper scraps in Cameroon. Other companies are doing Iron scraps and copper, but we will be dynamic. Our Ideas in Agriculture are also unique; we have ideas to market residues to agricultural products which are thrown away here in Cameroon as dirt, Like peelings of cassava, stems of palm trees which will be sold as palm fibers. And keeping secret in Business, it will take a very a long for other company to fully understand our scope of activities.

Rationale for the deal

Scrap collection in Cameroon is still unexploited, especially in terms of pet bottle scraps and paper scraps. New ideas could be brought to market in the area of agricultural products residues, which are only thrown away here in Cameroon. Our Business plan is really sustainable as it is diversified meaning if one sector is not doing well, the other sectors will sustain the company. And besides, Agriculture which is our major production focus has always and will always remain sustainable as all other industries depend on it. Agriculture is very sustainable because people will always need to eat, people will always need to wear clothes; people will always need fuel (bio-diesel). Also with the ever increasing amount of companies doing recycling of used products known as scraps, setting up units and yards for scraps collection will always be good.

Use of financing

We need $25,000USD and it can come in installments. The minimum investment is $10,000USD. We are limited to sponsor our new business ideas thus we need investors.

We shall purchase micro/mini-mills with processing capacities from 500 kg ffb/hr up to 5 tonnes ffb/hr. We shall purchase second handed pickup car, start operations in the farms, carry out renovation at Fathie Spot (the snack-bar-restaurant), do stocking of drinks and purchase a poll table.

Opportunity for the investor

The investment could be in the form of loan or equity and the investor could be silent or active. The payback period will not exceed 2 years. Everything we shall do will be for our mutual benefits, and we also open the doors of Cameroon market and exploited opportunities to any wise investor seeking to invest in Cameroon. Government Guarantee to foreign investors. Investors can also own properties in Cameroon.

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