Looking For Investors to Grow Poultry Farming in Cameroon

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Cameroon Cameroon
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $27,000 / min. $10,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

I am looking for an investor who is ready to fund this poultry farming investment on percentage terms. The per capital daily intake averages of 24.6 grams protein.

Private own poultry farm, need investors to expand. After few months of operation, we found out that the market is a very attractive to invest in and we increased the number of chicks in our small farm. Our poultry farming operation has been in development for the past 6 Months.
At present, we are operating the business with a capacity of few hundred chicks but the demand for our chicken has become much more than we expected, and we would like to expand the business.

The poultry industry in Cameroon has high yield owing to the fact that Cameroon temperature is suitable for the rarely of chicken, low cost of heating, low capital input and chicken consumption is acceptable by all tribes in Cameroon with no cultural barriers. As a result of good climate, the risk of bird flu is less, and for more security, the birds are often vaccinated 3 times before they are mature for distribution.

On the other hand, the local farmers registered low yields because of lack of finance to enhance the production efficiency.

I believe in agriculture especially poultry farming which happen to be my specialty.

Competitive Advantage

To eradicate similar problems faced by other farmers, the company has put in place an efficient management system to play a key role in the technicality and profitability of the poultry farms. We have experts who handle the management of our poultry farm.

Also, we undertook the initiative to search for foreign investors to invest money into this industry and to build an international standard poultry farm which could supply Cameroon and central Africa (CEMAC ZONE).

In Cameroon, poultry farmers take interest in all the management activities. This is to say, 77% prefer to feed their birds themselves, and while 84% personally perform all management functions and 42% favour vaccinating the
birds themselves. This is as a result of the state not setting any standard for the product and lack of capital.

To increase the profitability of poultry meat in Cameroon, we have two formulas for mixing chicken feed, that which make our yield different from other local farmers. We use 28kg of corn, 14 kg of soybeans, 2 kg of concentrate, premix is .5kg, fish meal is 2kg, bone 1kg, 2 kg flour, 1kg BELGOFOS and 2 spoonful of BELGOTOX.

Another starter formula is using concentrate groundnuts that comprises 30kg corn, 5kg of concentrate groundnuts, 12 kg of groundnuts, 2kg floor, 1kg of sea shell and 2 spoons of Belgotox.

Our poultry farm has competitors, which are, the local women and small cooperative poultry farmers union and the external competitors who are local cattle meat sellers. Less than 22% of these competitors have a good technical
know-how of poultry farming management. We are not afraid of this percentage of competitors because our company is making up of good management team who has put in place an advance management skill from both local universities and Nederland Universities.

Rationale for the deal

According to the research statistics, poultry meat production was 870,000 tons in 2009 showing an increase to 1,820,000 tons from 2014 to 2015. Currently this sector shares about 1.03% in the country GNP with a workforce of 0.5 million mainly local men and women.

Cameroon produces about 1.03kg per capital yearly for a population of 24 million. Also, there is high demand of eggs in Cameroon which is beyond the local farmers’ capacity to supply, making the industry one with very high
potential in Cameroon.

Poultry meat and eggs are the most consumed animal protein; unrestricted by any religion or culture in Cameroon.

The Cameroon poultry industry contributes about 0.3% of the country’s GDP.

Our Poultry farming is aimed at solving the problem of chicken scarcity in Cameroon and CEMAC Zone within 5 years.

To solve this problem of scarcity, we need investors to invest in the industry and to increase our sales. Before mid-2017, our chicken should break even and start to be penetrating the CEMAC Zone. To achieve this goal, we need
to implement new marketing strategy which involves focusing on selling our poultry products into our existing markets to gain a higher market share, Increase promotion and price adjustment.

We believe that our poultry farming could do amazingly well in the fight against shortage of protein in Cameroon and Central Africa as the ministry of agriculture identifies how effectively poultry farming could build consumer
satisfaction, create jobs and boost the country GNP. Our poultry farm has now been created and is all set to expand.

The company staff are all qualified personnel with at least 3 years’ experience in the international business and poultry farming, and the Managing Director studied international business.

Use of financing

There are four types of poultry housing depending upon the resources, the land and capital.

Opportunity for the investor

30% return on investment and low risk. Secured.
A growing market and a new industry in Cameroon.
A large market.
Product has no cultural discrimination or ban in Cameroon.

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