Establishing Private Nursery Schools Project in Cameroon

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The funding shall go to provide such infrastructure and equipment necessary to run the schools. The demand for quality education has risen in this country.

This project is aimed at providing modern and adequate educational infrastructure with quality education in Cameroon.

Once the school is set up, children shall then begin enrolment. Staff and all auxiliary workers shall have stable salaries. After deducting the running cost at the end of the school year, the remaining money shall be considered as profits for that year. It should be noted that the running cost is hardly above 30% of the income of most schools around.

The objective shall be to meet the need for a growing demand in quality private education where the public supply in the sector is very insufficient. Many who invest in the sector often lack adequate infrastructure, which causes the government to close down their institutions.

If funding is available, work on the project shall immediately begin and the school shall open in the next academic year in September 2013. We shall set aside 40% profit annually to create other schools in other parts of the country, while sharing 60% of ythe early profits with our investor for as long as the school(s) shall exist

Use of financing

• Buying land: $60 000
• Building a school campus: $180 000
• School equipment: $120 000
• Purchase of two buses: $36 000

Opportunity for the investor

As we reinvest 40% of profits to create more schools, the remaining 60% shall be shared on an equal basis of 50% between us and our investor(s).

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