Female Entrepreneur with Online Entertainment and Lifestyle TV Shows

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Young female entrepreneur with experience in media, entertainment and events management, interested in starting an online entertainment and lifestyle TV show.

The online TV show that will broadcast the latest events happening in the music/entertainment industry from Africa and the world. Shot on various locations at any given time, cameras have full access to the social scenes.

• Concerts
• Fashion shows
• Movie premieres
• Launches
• Red carpet events
• Favourite celeb hangouts

There will also be an entertainment and lifestyle blog that brings its readers quality information on the latest entertainment news from the African continent, and abroad....News, Scoops, Hot Gossip, Fashion and Lifestyle, Music and Movie Releases, Celebrity Profiles, and a Calendar of the LATEST events happening around the world.

The project is ready to be started and will bring out a lot of opportunities to all featured interviewees, plus exposure to potential sponsors.

The TV show and blog aim to promote mainly artists and people in the entertainment industry from the African continent, the Diaspora, and at international level. The blog also focuses on the promotion of various social events, happening around Africa and the world, for better exposure, as well as an effective interaction with its readers.

We see this as an opportunity for artists to share new releases (music, movie), events updates (wedding photos, show dates/video clips), opinion pieces, hot links, etc.
The corporate world is also a critical part of this venture. We are looking to get various business structures/companies involved through sponsorship, advertising, and any other kind of support available.
We will create a entertainment hub, with access to millions of readers, and the perfect opportunity to share information, promote a specific product or service, and get noticed.

Our readers are teenagers, adults, women and men, aged 13 to 40 years. They are interested in social networks (Twitter and Facebook primarily), fashion, music, movies, and the entertainment world as a whole; they love to shop, and spend at least 3 hours a day (21 hours/week) online.

The project is ready to start and I am looking for an investor to help me financially to allow me secure equipment, pre-production and post production costs, travel and accommodation costs, marketing.

The project will be able to self sustain in the long run, with the help from sponsors that will be profiled in the shows and the blog.
I am very passionate about this project, and can only rely on financial help from interested parties.
I have experience in the fields of entertainment, music, marketing and events management.

Competitive Advantage

There is no project of this kind in the country. This will be a first, an innovation with lots of advantages.

Use of financing

I am looking for an investor to acquire equipment, and for pre-production and post production costs, travel and accommodation costs, marketing and promotion, as well as office rental.

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