Hotel/Inn with Restaurant and Spa in New Brunswick Looking to Sell

A hotel/inn with recreational facilities located on 10 acres of beautiful landscaped property in New Brunswick, Canada. It offers rooms, food services pool and spa.

Investment Opportunity in the Agriculture Sector from Canada

Canadian entrepreneur seeking debt or equity funding to launch a commercialization site for by-products in Ontario. Loan Amount: $11.5M. Payback Period: 10-15 years.

Major Television Series Project from Canada Seeks Funding

This television series needs start-up funding in order to begin filming the pilot episode. The comedy series have already gotten the script, actors and props.

Public Offering for Gold Mining Activities through Reverse Take-Over

As a Swiss-Canadian group and established company we own concessions of gold with an estimated value of >$250 M and cost per ounce price of less than $600.00.

Equestrian Arts, Hippotherapy and Agri-Tourism Investment Opportunity

The plan is to purchase a 35 acre existing equestrian riding/boarding stable in Langley, B.C. and to expand and add educational and therapeutic programs. We’ll also open a bed ...