Investment Opportunity in the Agriculture Sector from Canada

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Canada Canada
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $11,000,000 / min. $500,000
  • ROI: 8% in 5 years
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

Canadian entrepreneur seeking debt or equity funding to launch a commercialization site for by-products in Ontario. Loan Amount: $11.5M. Payback Period: 10-15 years.

With our research complete we are currently pursuing financing for our commercialization site. With our unique integrated manure and waste management systems we ensure environmental compliance in all agricultural sectors providing organic bi-products produced from the swine, beef, poultry, and agri-crop industry.

Products and Services:
• Zero-pathogen, organic crop nutrients
• High nutrient organic animal feed supplements
• Odour-reduction enzyme bi-products
• Alternatives to generating revenue and increasing economic development

Target Market:
• Organic Farmers and Agri-Producers
• Organic Retail Stores
• Pork Producers
• Beef Producers
• Agri-Crop Producers
• Co-operative Community Farms (equine, alpaca, sheep etc.)
• Municipal and County Wastewater Treatment Centres
• Grocery Chains (distribution centres, wholesale, retail)
• Lumber Yards and Paper Mills

Revenue Generation Model:
1. Sales of bi-products
2. Sales of turn-key systems
3. Green-Energy Sales

Project Justification:

The Manure and Waste Management Industry as a whole has profound issues that have remained unresolved for over 25 years. In 2010 Canada produced over 291 billion pounds of manure from equine, bovine, swine, sheep and poultry. In 2011, almost 2 trillion pounds of manure was produced by American Livestock Producers. Currently the pork and beef producers in Manitoba, Alberta and North Carolina are experiencing the implementation of moratoriums, thus preventing their economic growth until a resolution can be executed to manage these rapidly accumulating toxic wastes.

Progress on the Project:

With over 10 years of research and numerous projects throughout the State of Texas, Canada and beyond, our technologies have been proven in a variety of scenarios with unique site circumstances. Our integrated manure and waste management systems are indoor facilities, with production of marketable bi-products are now ready for commercialization.

Competitive Advantage

We currently do not have any direct competitors. We are the only facility worldwide to offer the “Farm to Fuel Initiative” that includes a novel indoor modular manure/waste management system involving research, driving green energy, and offering the opportunity to develop components for nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, while providing a zero-emission, disease-free, zero-pathogen fertilizers and high nutrient animal feed supplements throughout North America and internationally. Currently all competitors concentrate primarily on only one level of manure/waste management with residuals of heavy metals through non-acceptable systems or agricultural runoff from farming communities. There have been no direct competitors identified with similar systems in North America.

We are positioned to outperform competitors for the following reasons:
• Designs that are unique to our company
• In-house Scientific Teams
• International Business Development Team
• Bi-Product Marketing team
• Turn-Key Systems Marketing Team
• Co-operative Opportunities
• Leasing Opportunities
• Wholly Owned Systems
• Products that are superior to our competitors ( products such as the Agri-FED Enzyme is not and cannot be provided by our competitors)

Rationale for the deal

We have already pre-sold with LOI all bi-products to be produced from not only our commercialization site, but from two additional sites turn-key sites who are industry leaders, up to the year 2017.

We are positioned to outperform upcoming competitors for the following reasons:
• Products and/or Services: Our Products and/or Services are superior to any current or upcoming competitors because our unique designs enable our company to implement only those modules to best serve the specific agricultural sectors. Our combination of systems relate to sector specific needs.
• Location: Our location allows us to better serve customers with our locations in central Canada and our centrally located affiliates in the United States. All replicate locations will serve their respective farming sector.
• Customers: We will be serving key customers which our competitors are not due to the diverse sectors we can design for. We have the ability to move into every agricultural sector.
• Marketing: We have unique marketing skill sets that enable us to attract new customers at a low cost. These skill sets include our in-house marketing team. We do not need to hire or outsource the marketing.

Bringing together some of the most recognized scientists, engineers and business development teams to collaborate in this exciting project, with over 100 years of combined expertise we will not only address some of the most devastating agricultural misfortunes, but we will set the bar in manure and waste management. We will impact sustainable development and economic development on a worldwide level.

Use of financing

The investment required to implement our commercialization site in Ontario, Canada is $11.5 Million Dollars. The invested funds will be utilized for:

• Acquisition of Land
• Surveying, Engineering and Permits
• Legal Costs
• Financing and Capital Raising Costs
• Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks
• Biomass Processing/Power Plant
• Aquaculture/Harvesting Greenhouse
• Transfer equipment/Trucks
• Office Expenses
• Sewer, Drainage, Pipelines
• Construction and Labor
• First Year Operational Costs
• Administration and Wages

Opportunity for the investor

Overall Loan Amount: $11.5M
Minimum Investment: $500,000
Payback Period: 5 years
Interest Rate is variable: Prime plus 5% (currently 8% in total)

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