Investment Sought for Noble Gold Prospecting Operations

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Once we secure a deposit, we will use the minerals secured to re-invest into the location in order to establish an extraction zone, hire employees and let them extract gold the recent zone as we go secure another location.
4 men will process known locations. 2 men will conduct reconnaissance on Crown Land in search for one of many main gold veins.

Main ideology is to move from one vein to another, and end up extracting from multiple sources at the same time, exponentially.

I have a map containing the locations of 15 gold veins and over 20 alluvial gold deposits less than 150km away from my current location.

I also have a map containing many of the alluvial gold deposits in the world.

This operation is planned to start-off as a 6 man prospecting operation and grow into a full scale mining operation.

We are looking for finance for the prospecting and are open to different investment opportunities.

A great part of the revenues generated will be directed towards humanitarian and charity projects and organizations.

We have a Project Plan available upon request for any seriously interested investors.

Although Gold is the primary target any minerals and gems of value found will be claimed for profit and re-investment.

We will claim any potential finding of:
• Silver
• Platinum
• Diamonds
• Amethysts
• Emeralds
• Rubies
• Plus anything else we can find of superior value.

Competitive Advantage

There are many discovered Alluvial Gold Deposits & Veins in our Area, very few who are actually extracting from these sources.

Rationale for the deal

The price to invest in such a prospecting is relatively low, yet the return in profits upon discovery of a gold vein will result in great profits for us and our investors.

Our engineer suggests we initially begin by targeting old mining locations and rerun the old processes with the new machinery in order to easily extract from all the ore that has been left behind.

Simultaneously while gathering intelligence on all surrounding areas and other locations where Gold has yet to be found.

The idea is growth, intelligence and prosperity.

Use of financing

Investment requirements for a 6-man prospecting team:
Equipment: ~$11,000.00
2 Vehicles + Full Repairs: ~$60,000.00
Biological Requirements each/30 days: ~$30,000.00
Total Investment Required: ~$101,000.00 USD

Opportunity for the investor

High Risk / High Return Investment
We are well prepared, with geographical maps of the areas we wish to prospect.

We have over 15 gold veins to prospect and 20 alluvial gold deposits to prospect as well.

The return for the investor could potentially be beyond our calculations.
We will wish to expand afterwards, hence upon locating an appropriate source of high value Ore and Gems, we will wish to establish an Excavation Site in order to extract the most resources possible and maximize our profits.

We wish to begin with one location, and then prospect more with the profits gained.

ROI is negotioable.

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