Investment Project for Digital Media Education/Commercial Facility

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Commercial Digital Media University offering degrees in digital recording, post production, video game production and archiving.

Initial seed capital is for further planning and for work to be done for us by the Halladay Education Group.

Basic Synopsis

Pacific Storms tech Ltd. will be an international world class advanced digital media school comprising four major segments of the industry.

A) Post Production
B) Video Game Production
C) Recording
D) Archiving

The facilities designed and built for the school will be multi-faceted and integrated in such a way as to provide for high end commercial business as well as the educational component.

*We have software, technology and educational methodology that no other facility has and intend to utilize it and market it thanks to Roger Nichols’ research and development. The ultimate digital finishing school.

*We have undeniably the most creative and experienced technical team in the world and are in the process of putting together a world
class executive management group.

*…following is a breakdown of the four major segments

Digital Recording:

- recording projects
- educational instruction
- research and development…innovative technologies division. Roger’s devices/patents/plug-ins
- marketing to include patentable processes, educational strategies/materials, sound design innovations etc.

Post Production:

- post production for film, video etc.
- educational instruction
- research and development…innovative technologies division/software/hardware
- marketable processes

Video Gaming:

- all stages of game creation, production, sound design…processing
- R&D…game patents, software/hardware development
- educational instruction…teaching strategies/formats


- marketable innovative patentable software/hardware, proprietary technologies and sophisticated processing that no one else has
- R&D of course

Educational Component

- teaching strategies and curriculum design that fully prepares the student for total and professional career/job immersion. Our teaching facilities and instructors are the best and should be the final stop/step before you enter your chosen field. The ultimate “Finishing School” if you will. Our educational strategies and applications cover all real world situations and “Fix” what the others miss.

*Comparative model would be “Full Sail” in Orlando, FL.

This is a basic breakdown. Business plan and further info (building layouts and course curriculum) by request.

Name of our facility is “Roger Nichols University”

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

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