Drumming Website Project to Unify the Global Drumming Community

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are in the process of developing a unique forum which will be an exciting new innovation in multi window video ‘hanging’.

This will allow any of our subscribers the opportunity to hang with some of the world’s top drummers live and interactive to share stories, tips and group lessons. We will have many drumming legends dropping by to hang!

DrumHang’s team of creative and technical personnel will utilize state of the art equipment to produce high quality, unique and innovative music and instructional videos. We will oversee all aspects of production from storyboarding, lighting, filming and postproduction. Videos can provide the most efficient vehicle for those artists wishing to exploit and promote their talents to a global audience.

And DrumHang.com provides the production quality lacking in the drumming community, and therefore has found a niche in the industry, already attracting the attention of world leaders in drumming, and such regarded publications as Modern Drummer Magazine.

With our partners, Chris Sutherland (drummer for Kim Mitchell, Saga, Sass Jordan, Gowan) and Rich Redmond (drummer for Jason Aldean, Thompson square, and Lady Antebellum) we have unlimited access to influential artists who have global fanbases.

DrumHang also plans to have a presence at each of the major drum festivals each year in order to promote our unique list of services including:
• DrumHang.com web site
• Music Video Production Services
• Roster of Endorsed Drummers
• Merchandise Sales – clothing, videos, posters, DVDs, etc.

DrumHang Inc. has been researched, developed and created to optimize a number of revenue opportunities that exist within the exciting and constantly growing world of drumming and percussion enthusiasts to include the following:
• Interactive Web Site
• Video Production
• Feature Length Documentary
• Drum Festivals
• Special Events
• Corporate Sponsorships
• E-Newsletter and E-Mail Blasts

We aim to seek investors and strategic partners to finance the continuing growth of DrumHang Inc. Our goal is to further develop our short, medium and long term strategies to expand the global brand of drumming:
• Through our web site DrumHang.com
• To conceive and execute a comprehensive media/promotion campaign
• To develop a new-age multi webcam portal to broadcast live drum hangs
• To showcase celebrity drummers to our growing membership base

DrumHang Inc. will develop innovative ways of generating revenue by helping to showcase talented drummers to possibly millions of people who love percussion instruments. Depending on the size of the event or the popularity of the artists involved, these types of events and sponsorship promote international marketing opportunities for corporations as well as having the ability to associate artists with popular or recognisable products.

Using optimal revenue streams through, Web site advertising, video production, corporate sponsorship, e-newsletter blasts, email database rentals, special event participation and promotion, we have developed a 5 year ROI plan based on return of $100,000.00 investment. Year 1: $30,000.00 / Year 2: $40,000.00 / Year 3: $50,000.00

We require additional seed funding to accomplish Website development, Salaries, Travel and Promotion, upgrade state of the art, high def camera and video edit equipment, recruit additional technical staff to attain our minimum content goals, and develop and execute a comprehensive Media and Marketing strategy portfolio.

Interested investors can establish contact with us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

See our attached buisness/investment plan

Rationale for the deal

The team at DrumHang Inc. has identified specific segments within the drumming and percussion community that will allow us to establish a diversified stream of revenue from several sources including, but not limited to the following areas:
• DrumHang.com is an interactive, online video, video log and blog community celebrating the camaraderie and passion of drumming the world over.
• DrumHang.com will forge a presence at drum festivals, conventions, clinics and events to become a prominent, online drumming destination and to be a part of every drummer’s daily regimen.
• Drum Hang.com will produce high quality mini-documentaries on well known drummers concluding with a thematic drum performance to revolutionize the viewing experience of our favorite percussionists and to set a new standard for filming drum performance.
• DrumHang.com will encourage all drummers to organize drum hangs in their communities and allow members to submit video of their events and compete for the best monthly hang, winning drum give-a-ways, concert tickets, drummer meet and greets and/or music store vouchers.
• DrumHang.com will devise intuitive advertising incentives to guarantee solid revenue growth and sustainability.

Use of financing

Our immediate goal is to obtain $100,000 to $200,000 in capital funding in order to continue developing and marketing the DrumHang brand:
• To solicit new strategic partnerships and alliances
• To solicit web advertising sales
• To facilitate travel costs for upcoming special events
• To purchase required computer hardware and software to accommodate web site growth
• To further establish the growing solid base of support which has been generate to date for DrumHang.com

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