Internet Lead Generation

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project idea is to profit from online lead generation. It is ready to launch immediately as some investment has been already received in order to engage in deal making, initial organization, and tool acquiring.

There is no service being offered to clients, as opportunities are already in position and traffic is already negotiated as well.

International Baraka Corporation is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is a business focused on Online Lead Generation, which is a non-traditional business model since there are no products/service and no direct clients.

We will be in the business of generating Leads through Media Buying to be used on Cost per Action (CPA) campaigns also known as Pay per Acquisition (PPA). In some cases we will generate lists of leads for other businesses on demand.

Our expertise refers to Media buying in bulk, and profiting from the CPA campaigns.
It is a business that can be tracked at every single point enabling us to secure profits since campaigns that appear to underperform are identified and removed quickly in order to maintain the risk low.

The opportunity for the investor is to start receiving profits back after 10 months and to receive a 5% monthly, so that at the end of month 22 the initial invested capital will be returned + the monthly returns will make a total of 160% return on investment.

These figures will be achieved because at the moment we have secured 4 campaigns directly with the owners. They are already profitable and just want to receive more traffic and expand to different locations, what is they need our expertise for.

The funding is basically just to acquire the traffic that is needed to work with the current campaigns in order to obtain the discounts that had been negotiated for buying in bulk. It will be also used to secure employees’ salaries during the initial period of 3 months.

Competitive Advantage

• Preferential rates in case of history of purchases (over 10M$ of personal and 20M$ for other companies)
• Relationship with list brokers
• Experience in Social Traffic brokering
• Ownership in a social apps farm company (very cheap rates)
• Negotiated a contract with 2 Major Online Traffic sources for bulk buying at: 20 cents on the dollar on their lowest price they gave anyone.
• Technology to track failing page loads and fraudulent clicks + Technology for market intelligence.
• Loyal team of amazing performers that have done this for 5 years and will not compete with us.
• Great experience in Copywriting and Performance Graphics

Use of financing

The investment is needed for buying traffic in bulk and obtaining our negotiated discount.

The investment at this point can be received immediately as the negotiated product campaigns are already in place and profitable. They just need to be expanded.

An initial investment of 140k euro has already been done in September in order to achieve all these negotiations, build relationships, and develop/acquire online tools.

The minimum amount to start with one campaign should be 200k USD to work with one of the campaigns

Opportunity for the investor

We are seeking for an investment in form of a loan. In less than 2 years the investor will receive a total of 160% of return. Hence, investors will almost double their money in that period of time.

The investor will start receiving the investment back after month 10 at a 5% of the invested capital. And after a year of paying then the full initial investment is paid back.

There’s no need for a hands-on investment as we have all the required human resources that are needed.

Preferably we would desire the full investment at the beginning, if possible. In such a case 6% a month will be paid instead of the 5% per month if the investment is received in installments. This will result in a total return of 172% at the end of the period instead of 160%.

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