Public Offering for Gold Mining Activities through Reverse Take-Over

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

As a Swiss-Canadian group and established company we own concessions of gold with an estimated value of >$250 M and cost per ounce price of less than $600.00.

The initial investment into actual gold production is $5 M. With a perspective to establish a public offering at the TSX Venture Exchange we are seeking capital for an immediate reserve take-over of an existing TSX listed company.

Through a reverse take-over our gold mining activities shall find a large financing base.

Since with the public offering already inflowing initial capital is assured from large investment groups and individual investors, the pre-public short-term offering assures a highly secure investment with an interesting profit, and also allows to participate in the public offering of the mining activities under highly profitable conditions.

The mine has been developed and is ready for the production phase. It is the underlying asset of this private offer.

Opportunity for the investor

Payback period: 3-4 months
ROI: 5% in three months
Long term: >15% p.a.

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