Equity investment needed for food production project with 40% ROI

Product: coconut chips Funding purpose: to market our product and expand to other parts of the country Offering to investors: a 40% profit to our investors.

Equity Investment Needed in Start Up Modern Eye Clinic in Ghana

A start-up ultra modern Eye Clinic that needs a fund to purchase equipment,rent a place etc. We shall provide general services and supply of frames, lenses,etc

Equity Investment Needed Small-scale Gold Mining Project.

Investor to partner with a small-scale gold mining project Funds needed will be invested in the equipments for the project and 50% ROI will be earned.

Needed Investment for Residential Gated Community Near A Beach

A gated community on a 27 Acre land in a prime area of the Country with a new Airport being built, A university in the area and the National football stadium to be buit.

Investor Wanted to Partner in Real Estate Project in Ghana

3 bedroom house at Kasoa near the new market.It is in a cool and clean environment and surrounded by school and it is opened for business partnership or any business.

Investment Proposal for an Agricultural Social Enterprise in Ghana

Equity financing amount of $50,000 sought for 12% stake in the company. Payback will be in three years with an ROI of 14.8%.

Gold Mining Project Offering 50% ROI is Looking for Investors

Our company is an emerging mining firm in Ghana which requires $30,000USD to fund its operations in small scale hard rock gold mining.

Rural Education Project in Ghana Seeking Start-up Investment

A rural education project in Ghana, seeks start-up investment, in order to better the basic education of the children in Africa.

Equity Investment Sought for a Real Estate Business in Ghana

The company seeks to start business in the sector of housing projects, real estate & properties. We will put up low cost and luxurious houses for rental and direct sale.

Entrepreneur Seeks Investors for the Establishment of an ISP-retailer

I need equity investment with 50% shares of profit which will be earned annually and the quarterly dividends will be 20%. I need both hands-on investor.

Ghanaian Microfinance Company Looking for Funds for Expansion

Request for financial support for a microfinance Ltd. The support is for the disbursement of small loans to groups of women and other customers.

Advanced Gold Exploration Project on the Ashanti Gold Belt in Ghana

Advanced gold exploration project in Ghana with established at surface gold resource. Funding is needed to expand the resource and test other identified targets.

Investor Needed to Establish Solar Energy Business in Ghana

I am seriously looking for investors to establish a solar panel and accessories business in my home country and the West African sub region.

Alluvial Gold Mining Projects In Ghana Seek for Funding

We are seeking for investors/partners for our Alluvial Gold Mining projects in Ghana. Returns on investment (ROI) of 50% for 12 months.

Company Building Homes for Government Workers is Seeking Investment

We are a a Ghana-based company which has the necessary licences from the Ghanaian Government to build homes on credit for Government employees.