Company Building Homes for Government Workers is Seeking Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a a Ghana-based company which has the necessary licences from the Ghanaian Government to build homes on credit for Government employees.

Over 400 clients have signed for the service and the minimum deduction from an employee's salary is $300.00/month. The contract duration with a customer is 15-20 years. We are looking for a partner to join hands with us and help us grow this business.

We build homes for government workers on credit and deducts cost of mortgage home from their salary each month for a period of 15-20 years. The analysis shows that the minimum we will deduct won’t be less than $300.00 each month. The maximum estimated duration for this 400 client housing unit will be more or less 4 years.

All legal issues, source code for deduction etc. are ready except the funds to increase machinery and finance a few more housing units.

As earlier described, considering revenue collection while we start will mean that 400 Clients with a minimum deduction of $300.00

Total revenue = 400 clients x $300.00 = $120,000.00/per month

We greatly count on you and believe both companies can have the maximum benefit if we execute the IGL Smart home.

Rationale for the deal

Our project is called a “smart home” for the idea behind it. It is strictly designed for Government workers who have their salary prepared by the Controller and Accountant Department of Ghana (CADG). A survey proved that about 82% of the pensioned personnel is to go out of service without having an own home but will have to depend on others for shelter.

We will help them solve this problem. iGL sought for source deduction code from CADG to deduct subscribed clients to the iGL Smart Home who are currently not less than 400. We considered doctors, nurses, teachers, wardens, immigration service, police, fire service, and army service officers. Our target area is currently only one city in Ghana. In our terms and conditions, source deduction starts upon commencement of the project which we wanted to start in December 2011. This means that we can deduct clients though nothing will be done on their piece of land before that. We will change all land titles to the beneficiary of both iGL and our proposed clients.

Use of financing

For machinery and construction.

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