Strategic Investor Needed for Progressive Cement Plant

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Joint venture partnership offer for the establishment of an cement manufacturing plant in Ghana.

Ghanaian-based Progressive Mining & Construction Co. Ltd is seeking a strategic investor to extract limestone and establish a cement manufacturing plant. The company owns a limestone mine with substantial limestone deposits, which are expected to feed the cement plant. The venture will require technology to produce and bag cement. The project owner is interested in establishing a cement plant as well as a mini hydro power plant. There are waterfalls at Boti which formed the ponpon enclave where the power turbine will be installed to produce the electricity required by the cement plant. Excess electricity will be supplied to the national power grid.

Rationale for the deal

Over the last decade, demand for housing has increased in Ghana due to rising incomes, expansion of the economy and urbanization. Consequently, there is an increased demand for building materials locally and in the West African sub region. The proposed cement plant intends to capture this market share.

Use of financing

The Partner will provide support in the form of Plants and Equipments for the cement and the mini hydro dam to power the plant. This investment will be a share hold in both the cement factory and the mini hydro dam.

Opportunity for the investor

Joint venture partnership offer to establish a cement manufacturing plant in Eastern Ghana.

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