Alluvial Gold Mining Projects In Ghana Seek for Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are seeking for investors/partners for our Alluvial Gold Mining projects in Ghana. Returns on investment (ROI) of 50% for 12 months.

Our company acts as a neutral corporation for market participants mainly in creating lots of lucrative investment opportunities to investors and buyers of commodities worldwide in the field of Gold Mining Projects and trading of commodities.

Through our environmental products team, we provide comprehensive client support, which includes structuring customized physical, financial hedging and investment strategies in the spot, option and forward markets to meet the needs of our client base especially our investors. WBRL also create lot of lucrative investment opportunity to investors worldwide in which create investment platform.

We are currently seeking for investors/partners for funding some of our Gold Mining Projects. With regards to your the investor's surety and we have official geological report on all our gold concessions/land with a good proven reserve underground this serves as surety and guarantee of investors’ returns as promised by us.

Currently we need funding from $3M to $20M from individual and corporate investors and this fund will equip us purchase more machines like excavators, dozers, dump trucks and washing plant, etc to increase our production and also to develop some of our rich Gold Concessions/land. High ROI of 30% - 50% per annum.

For further details will includes cash flow projection and as well details of project outlined and geological reports of our Alluvial Gold Concessions which we are yet to develop for new investors and also our Company profile. The geological reports itself stand as the surety and guarantee to the investors because all our concessions are well prospected by well and qualify geologist before we develop them into mining as you are safe with us.

We also have Available Ghana Government BOT/Sovereign Guarantee projects in following sectors:

Construction & Development - Hospitals / Medical Centres / Dental Clinics

Energy projects of all types - Large scale Infrastructure projects

Ports / Dams / Hydro power - Roads / Railways / Transport Systems

Housing & Urban Construction - Sanitation / High Rise Development

Oil & Gas Refineries / Harbours - Highway & Upgrading Road Construction

Agricultural Development - Hotels / Resorts / Theme Parks

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