Gold Mining Operations in Ghana Seek for Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our company is a reportable organization offering high Investment opportunities and income generating projects in Ghana. Established in 2010. We are seeking Investors for the expansion of the mining operations. We need of heavy duty mining equipments to start operations immediately. We will provide all documents for authentication.

We hope to expand production of Gold and other quarry products as soon as possible because we have been using manual methods.

Investors will go into terms with our company on possible payback periods or partnership terms. Any potential investor will be satisfied with the terms of the business before parting any investment.

We have recorded huge success through production of gold and quarry products manually. Our gold products have been said to be of world class standard. We will give the investor sample gold for them to confirm. This is at no cost.

This is an opportunity to be a part of a rich gold deposit mining operation and company. We have done all the legal and paper works like the license and company registration, the investor will just start reaping the gains. The investor will gain financial goals through the business. The investor may choose to also market this gold.

We have 25 acres of land for mining, located at Offin Dunkwa, as at now we have started small scale mining on the land. We also have a rock land of 30acres, which is located at Cape Coast c/r of Ghana (this is reserved for future use). We have partnership with other mining companies of scraps and copper. Most importantly, we have qualified engineers.

Gold remains the world standard precious commodity. Records show that gold requirement in the market is growing increasingly and many investors are seeking opportunities to invest in this business.

We have been operating since 2010 through manual methods of mining, processing, and sell of this gold products. We have good samples for evidence. We need funding to expand and grow productions.

We are in immediate need of Heavy duty mining machines. We need the following


These equipments can be gotten in Ghana but we will also be open to any investor who wants to bring them from any location. Specifically, we need funding of $500,000 -1,000,000.

Competitive Advantage

Competition for our business is dependant on the individual companies. Gold doesnt have a limit to market demand. The more you can produce, the better for you.

Our company has comparative advantage over most of the mining companies because we have been in oprations for some years now and have recorded success in it. Besides, we have very large gold mine lands of over 50 acres, whcih are very rich. We believe that our advantage remains sustainable.

Rationale for the deal

Gold business remains a great business opportunity worldwide. The prices are increasing in the international market.

We will make money through mining, refining and sell of high quality natural gold, as well as other quarry products and estate development opportunities.

Use of financing

We need financing to purchase heavy duty mining equipments like


We are needing this financing because we do not have the capacity as at now to get these machines needed to boost production. All investment schedules will be discussed with the investor in order to avoid undue pressure on the investor.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for any category of investor willing to sit and discuss business terms with us. We believe that both payback period, ROI, IRR, and other relevant terms can be reached through talks

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