River Gold Purchasing & Mining Venture in East Ghana, 700% ROI in 3Yr

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are shortening the chain of mining-distribution-purchase of gold extracted from the rivers in eastern Ghana. We will also start mining gold independently.

We aim to shorten the chain of mining-distribution-purchase of river-gold extracted in the rivers in eastern Ghana, by purchasing gold from small local operations (families, individuals) and exporting the gold to Europe, Dubai, etc.

We also aim to start independent mining operations in the medium term from the alluvial deposits in Eastern Ghana.

Competitive Advantage

We know the local areas and speak the local language (Twi) in eastern Ghana.

We have representatives in London and Accra, as well as in the rural gold-mining areas of eastern Ghana.

Rationale for the deal

We are looking for an investor who has connections in the gold-purchasing circles in London or other major gold markets worldwide (Dubai, etc.)

Use of financing

50% for setting up gold purchase (agents) network in the area and financing the first quantities of purchased gold dust and gold nuggets.

50% for setting up independent river surface mining operations.

Opportunity for the investor

Depending on the size of the investment, we are willing to offer up to a 50% stake to an investor with connections in the gold industry.

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