Solar Panel Assembling Plant to Be Established in Accra, Ghana

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is aimed at assembling Solar panels in Ghana for sales and installation for the local and West African communities and institutions.

The production is aimed at taking off as soon as possible, having ready market in the areas of:

1. Agriculture
2. Educational setups (i.e. schools and universities)
3. Domestic Consumption
4. Churches and Market places

Revenue shall be generated through sales of panel and installations of solar generators.

With the current high tariffs on electricity in Ghana and West Africa, we see it as an opportunity to setup this production unit to save the situation, since solar energy is safer and relatively cheaper.

Estimated time frame is as follows:
1. Purchasing of equipment and plant installation = 4 weeks (excluding shipping delays)
2. Testing / assessment of installation = 1 week
3. Legalisation and inspection of site for approval by National Health and Safety regulation unit = 1 week
4. Training of personnel (carried out simultaneously) = 4 weeks (using skilled persons)
5. Initial Production = by the end of the 8th week (approximately)

Competitive Advantage

There is currently no Solar Assembling plant or company in Ghana. We therefore wish to establish to serve both consumers locally and in West Africa.

Rationale for the deal

The farming communities in Ghana currently need close to 200 Mega Watt of solar energy for irrigation and crop processing. The fishery industry also need close to 1000 Mega Watt of affordable energy to preserve fishes at the beach, harbor and at market / retail points across the country. All the schools in Ghana (about 15,000) currently pay for the use of electricity, leading to a demand of about 144.19 Mega Watts. With an initial production of 10 Mega Watt a year, there is strong indication of getting ready market and even expanding in future to meet the market demand.

Use of financing

Investment fund shall be directed to the purchasing of equipment and raw materials. Site development and personnel training etc. shall be handled by business partners. A one-time investment of $200,000 will be enough to take off. Returns on investment shall be re-invested to expand the scope of the business.

Opportunity for the investor

Investors are invited to participate in this profitable green investment oppportunity in Ghana.

For debt investors payment of loan shall be spread over a 4 year period (maximum) at an average interest rate of 15% (negotiable if willing).
For equity investor, our team is willing to offer a share of up to 25%.

Equity investor may choose to silent or hands-on.

Investment instalment payment is estimated to be 30% annually (for three years) and 10% payment during the forth year.

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