Investment Needed for the Construction of a Theme Park in Ghana

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Natures Amusement Park is seeking funding from serious individuals or investors to establishment a theme park in Ghana. Both equity funding or debt are welcome.

The Natures Amusement Park is being established to be the number one leisure and Amusement park centre in the country. The park will be situated in a siren natural environment in the greater Accra region, the capital of Ghana with all relevant social and amusement facilities to make our clients experience the flavour of a true 21st century amusement park. The Park is envisaged to provide a siren atmosphere for the leisure and relaxation of middle class people and their families, celebrities, tourists, artists, business men and women, politicians and their families in Ghana and neighbouring countries in West Africa. The company, among other objectives, aims to become the leader in the provision of Amusement and leisure services in Ghana by 2018 and in West Africa by 2020.

Main Activities
The main activities of The Natures Amusement Park will be focused on the provision of amusement and leisure services, restaurant services, guest house services, supermarket, swimming pool and bar services, children’s playground services and entertainment services. Our packaged services are to make our clients have varieties to choose from and really have refreshing time in the park.

The services of the company will be targeted at middle and high income earning corporate professionals within Greater Accra and beyond. Although there are a few hospitality services providers, they are mainly providing hotel services. These hotels lack spaces, natural environment, pure and siren atmosphere and variety of services for clients to choose from.
The key competitive edge that The Natures Amusement Park will have over these competitors will lie in the naturalness of the environment, the large space size it has to provide for its customers for the needed comfort and relaxation, the quality and the variety of products and services it offers and its superior customer services.

The Natures Amusement Park will employ appropriate marketing such as aggressive personal selling, radio and television advertising to ensure that it gets the required clientele for profitable operations. To this end, the company will strive to quickly establish its credibility and a reputation for quality service among its customers.

Management and Staffing
The project is expected to offer direct employment to 50 young persons in both managerial and operational positions. The company’s board of directors currently comprise five competent persons with adequate qualifications and experience in entrepreneurship, business management and restaurant and catering services. The day-to-day administration of the company would be under a competent management team headed the principal promoter of the project, as the chief executive officer. He will be assisted in management by the General Manager who has a background and expertise in management and administration.

Project Cost and Financing
The cost of the project is estimated to be one hundred million, two hundred and sixty-one thousand, eight hundred and ninety Ghana Cedis (GH¢ 100, 261,890). This will be made up of 12 and half acres leasehold land space for 70 years, construction of restaurant, hotel/guest house, supermarket, bar, amusement park, swimming pool, parking lot, purchase of amusement equipment, equipment and furnishing.

Competitive Advantage

The competitive edge the Natures Amusement Park will have over its competitors will lie in its vast natural and clean environment for its intended purpose. To this end, it is important that the company remains at the upper echelon in the quality range when compared to its competitors. The company will create a loyal customer base that will see as part of their lives.

To facilitate this, Natures Amusement Park will adopt customer friendly policies such as offering the customer the opportunity to comment on products and make suggestions on what the company can do to improve, seeing the customer as “always right” and sponsoring events at schools that has the potential to bring children, teachers and parents together. The proximity of the company’s location to its target customers is another key competitive advantage as it would enhance the capacity of the company to attract its potential customers.

Rationale for the deal

Financial Projections for the company’s operations have been made for five years. In making the financial analysis all prices have been assumed to be constant (using current prevailing prices) throughout the five-year analysis period, since any changes in prices that may occur as a result of inflation are assumed to affect both costs and revenues by the same rate.

For the first year of operation, monthly operating statements and cash flows have also been projected. Assumptions used in making the projections are given in Appendix 1 in the attached business plan. The project will make money from ticket sales, restaurant services, hotel services, Bar services, supermarket services, swimming pool services and amusement/entertainment services.

Use of financing

The fund will cover part of the cost of 12 and half acres of land lease space for 70 years, road construction, cost of constructing 50 rooms executive hotel with offices, 1 restaurant with kitchen, dining hall, two store rooms and offices, a supermarket with offices and a bar, construction of 1 swimming pool and equipment, construction of amusement grounds and amusement equipment, construction of 40 summer huts, 1 retreat ground, children’s fair ground, construction of fences around the park, purchase of 3 office cars, 3 civilian buses and 1 double decker pickup for operations, 40 fridges, 5 deep freezers, 50 air conditioners, 50 ceiling fans, 45 beds, 45 wardrobes, 45 bed cabinets, 45 mattresses, 3 industrial cylinders, 3 gas ovens and solar plant & generator plants, office equipment( laptops, 5 desktop computers, 5 printers, 2 photocopiers, 2 scanners) and furnishings, furniture, poly tanks, etc.

Pre-operating expenses and one month’s requirement for initial working capital are also included. Details of the project’s investment cost are presented in Table 4 in the attached business plan.

Opportunity for the investor

The project cost is estimated at about USD15,000,000. The said loan will attract an interest rate of 20-25% per annum and the loan will be paid in a period of four years. Six-month moratorium is required for the loan payment to begin. This is to pave way for the company to position itself well. Loan payment can be paid every quarter if required.

For invested interested in equity 75% share can be offered for a period of five years and the shares return to the company. We are looking for hands-on investor. Which ever way the investor wants to be treated will be respected.

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