Printing and Advertising Agency in Ghana Seeks Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The demands for printing and advertisement have become very necessary in our daily life activities in such a way that human beings cannot stay without it. The need for a reduction in man hour time and elimination of tedious and tiresome ways of printing and advertisement in Africa has not been met yet.

This project, if embark on will be rated as the biggest printing and Advertisement firm in Ghana and Africa as well. The following are some of the added services to be rendered to meet international standards:

• Ability to access or order all your printing needs online
• To provide 24 hour service
• To make printing and advertisement easily accessible to Ghanaians
• Printing and delivery services

Full Business plan/proposal is ready for interested investors. Contact us for more information and further steps.

Opportunity for the investor

I'm looking for a hands-on investor or a silent investor.

The expected payback period is 5 years.

Expected return on investment is 60%.

Expected rate of return is 100%.

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