Alham Pediatric Health Hospital Is Looking for Start-Up Capital

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Alham Pediatric Health Hospital will be aimed at improving a better health condition and child mortality in the society through ultramodern health facility.

Infant mortality for the past years has always been the major problem of poeple in my community, its for this reason we want to put up an ultramodern health facility in the community to provide world class health care at affordable fee to reduce the level of child death in the community.

Investing in this will venture will not only give you value for your investment but will also go a long way to improve the health conditions in the community and country at large.

Our services will include
• Provision of will class health services
• A rehabilitation center to monitor conditions of children
• A minor injury operation center
• A child play area
• In house monitoring of clients
. Maternity word

The target market will include the rural poor and the well to do in the society.
This idea is still in its early stages and we wish to put it in operation by the end of 2014 provided we are able to rise the fund for the start.

Competitive Advantage

As it stands now the establishing of this health center will be the only pediatric health center in the whole of the 3 northern part of the country and wish to develop to be one of the best in the country.

Rationale for the deal

This idea was put up to improve the health condition of the society.

Its also aimed at generating employment for the youth of the society.

Whiles its serving this purpose it will also be a very good venture for investors value for their money.

Use of financing

We are in need of a start up capital, this funding will go into
• Company Registration
• Hiring of consultancy
• Acquisition of land and the health facility building
• Company vehicle e.g. ambulance.
• Hospital equipment

Opportunity for the investor

We wish for equity investors to take 80% ownership of the company.

This company will be managed by well experienced individuals in the field of administration, accounting, and health management.

We will also inquire a hands on investor.

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