Investor is Needed to Business Expansion to Nigeria Market

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a Network Marketing Company in Ghana who are using Food Supplement as their products. We need funds to open Nigeria market both equity and debt finance

We have products that help sexual performance, immune system, stress and it related issues, boost energy, improve sleep, support digestive disorders, and other health issues.
We are using network marketing as our marketing model.
Role of network marketing in reducing unemployment in Africa
Poverty alleviation has become the loudest cry in the development cycle.
There is a consensus of opinion that job creation by the private sector is fundamental in alleviating poverty. Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is one among such businesses that professes to empower the people by providing them opportunities to partake in easy to start businesses which provide appreciable income returns. Their operations in Nigeria and specifically Calabar have not gone unnoticed except that they are still young in the country compared to some other Western and European countries where their operations have spanned over three decades.

One World has established a financial and growth strategy that will ensure that the Company has the necessary resources to implement its business model and growth plan. Revenues are expected to grow rapidly as management implements an aggressive marketing campaign, which will enable cash flow to become sustainable within a relatively short period.

African supplements Market
For many years, vitamins and dietary supplements have been sold in South Africa without strong government intervention. The Department of Health subsequently broadened the definition of natural and complementary medicines via proposed legislation published in July 2016.
According to a 2015 survey across all domestic LSM’s, 51% of South African consumers considered themselves overweight, with 82% saying they plan to make changes to their diet in 2016.A whopping 17% of this sample claimed they currently use some form of Dietary Supplement on a daily basis – a stark indication of the 8% rise in Retail Value over the past 3 years. This consumer trend is echoed on a global level with a 7.5% increase over the same period.

Our target market is people in Africa. Mainly, we will target Ghanaians, Nigerian and Ivory Coast people in Africa. Over the past decade, Africa’s real GDP grew by 4.7% a year, on average—twice the pace of its growth in the 1980s and 1990s Africa and Asia (excluding Japan) were the only continents that grew during the recent global recession. Though Africa’s growth rate slowed to 1.3% in 2016, it bounced back to nearly 2.4% in 2017, and it is likely to touch 3.2% in 2018 and 3.5% in 2019.

We will take off 100% after three months of getting funds. Because we will do registration of products with NAFDAC, and production of our brand too will take 30 days. But because of strategic approach, we are expecting to hit our milestone after 6 months in business operations. And with current demand and experience in that country, we can achieve that.
We are looking for funds which we will use it for both operation and purchases on inventory. We will offer the investor 40% shares on the company in Nigeria. We are looking for both debt and equity finance.

Competitive Advantage

We want to open Nigeria as new market, so therefore everything will be new in Nigeria.
Competitive advantage is our approach as company and experience in Network Marketing industry. Another advantage is our products which is results oriented African are looking for.
One of the strategies is we work with Medical doctors in various hospital in Nigeria to prescribe our products to patience. And because the products are functional products, it thus help patience suffering from some chronic diseases. We have started that in Ghana, and we having good results from this approach.
Second this is we know most of the people who are in the network marketing industry, we have work with them in companies we promoted some time ago, and with this experience and knowing how the market work make us have competitive advantage.

Rationale for the deal

Nigeria is most populated country in Africa. And per GDP ratio not every body have job to do. This business will create job opportunity for those who don't have job and those working can do this business on part-time bases. Because we have design nice and attractive reward system for members and people who will be buying the products from us, it will encourage them to buy more.
We are will be marking profit because per products purchase, we have added our profit apart from overheads cost. We are estimating 10,000,000 sales for the first year. And grow from there.
We will have other competitors like FOREVER LIVING, MAX INTERNATIONAL, GREENWORLD and other. Greenworld were making $4,000,000 sales monthly through 2011 to 2016. And we expect to do the same as we progress.

Use of financing

We are looking for four hundred thousand usd ($400,000). Part can be used as equity and other part will be use as debt finance.
We will use $295,000 to buy inventory, $24,000 for office rent, $15,000 for marketing within first two months, $30,000 for vehicle for company, $10,000 for stationary, $4000 for legal fees, $18,000 for registration and licenses, $8000 for PPE, $5000 for software upgrade.
We can do the investment in two part, the only thing is we will reduce cost of inventory.

Opportunity for the investor

We are offering any investor equity of 40% for $150,000 and $250,000 for debt finance with interest.
The investor will be part of Directors or appoint his/her own representative as director. If director will get monthly financial statement of the company to know how the company is doing.
There will be system which investor can monitor monthly sales report. All necessary documentation will be done before commencement of the project after agree on terms and conditions.

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