Serious Investors Wanted For Healthcare Center Business Expansion

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am already into healthcare delivery and I am looking for serious investors to invest into my company to expand it for the larger market.
Expansion seriously.

Am already into healthcare delivery and am looking for serious investor or investors to invest into my company to expand it for the larger market.
I have been in this health care delivery business for years now and i really know how lucrative this business has been for years now and i seriously want to expand it to reach the larger market here in Ghana and abroad.
Am into production and sales of Herbal medicines and supplement.
I have available hundred of testimonies and clients all over the world which i keep in touch with. Testimonies and appreciations from our clients all over the world has kept me in business all these years.
I manufacture 70% of the medicines I sale and the other 30% from other suppliers.
Its a good business for me for all these years and i will like to expand it to the wider market or consumers.
Its a business which is here to stay so no investor will regret investing money into this venture.
Am ready to provide all company document and sales records if the need arises.

Competitive Advantage

I have personally introduced lot of innovative marketing strategies into my business years before lot of competitors came on board to copy and follow.
I am one of the very pioneers who introduced home care delivery and supply of herbal medicines.
When i noticed most urban clients or people find it difficult to visit medical facilities for diagnosis and treatment i introduced delivery to clients at home and offices and it really changed the face of health care in this country and lot of health care facilities followed and other companies and businesses copied.

I have lot of advantages over my competitors because i just dont market products for sell but I sale natural herbal products and supplement which really works 100% on our patients and clients. We have received hundred of testimonies available daily which encourages me that i have an amazing future in this health care industry.

Rationale for the deal

I have lot of opportunities in the market due to experience and effectiveness of my products i supply the consumers.
Immediately an opportunity pop out due to experience and an existing popularity of our name in the market front I have extreme advantage over my competitors and more.

Use of financing

I need this fund for advertisement, expansion of business premises, extra branches in other regions and employ more staffer to occupy this new branches.
I will not need more than two rounds of financing.

Opportunity for the investor

I will like to offer 50% - 70% shares to investor who is serious.

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