Entrepreneur Seeks Investors for the Establishment of an ISP-retailer

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Ghana Ghana
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $20,000 / min. $10,000
  • ROI: 50% in 5 years
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

I need equity investment with 50% shares of profit which will be earned annually and the quarterly dividends will be 20%. I need both hands-on investor.

I will need a VSAT for radio signal receiving and I will also need 4 rockets, 4 sector antennas and 4 POEs from ubiquity networks. The services involved include internet services to clients interested, E-Teaching to clients wards through VOIP applications like Skype etc. Also establishing an institution solely for the purpose of teaching the people of Kete-Krachi, Information Technology, professionally.

Also some services will include network installations, PABX system, VSAT, installations for interested clients. Kete-Krachi is actually a District Capital in the Volta region of Ghana. This town is in a remote area whereby internet services there is very poor since most of the people there uses ADSL to get internet connections which has not been connected to any fiber-optic cable. Hence I need to put up an ISP-retailer which will do the communication through "satellite" via the VSAT since there is a Nursing and Mid-Midwifery college, Senior and Junior High Schools, Government Institutions, cafes, etc.

Since I have ever lived and schooled in Kete-Krachi before, I am more popular in the town and my investigations has shown that, with the access of a good and resilient internet services there will further enhance research and skills of the students and inhabitants in the town. Furthermore Kete-Krachi is a tributary which has no source of entertainment even with the water around the town, so I think by providing the people with a good internet services will better entertain them more and also bring about job creation since they will now have new ideas through the help of the internet. This town can boost of more students and graduates yet Information Technology has been their major obstacle since they would have to go to the cities before they can get good internet services.

When it comes to the revenue generation: I will speak to the Head of various institutions and have a correct and well marketed discussion with them as in; the payment will be made monthly, quarterly or yearly of which monthly will be $50.00, quarterly will be $300.00, yearly will be $600.00. Luckily enough this town's topology is semi-hilly with a flat surface, which will enable a good and correct signal throughout for clients and they will be able to have access to it according to the distance. I have made a 5 years plan from now, before business starts and the investor who will invest in my idea will have equal share of whatever is been achieved from here and I am certain that this is a very good, way of earning money and also helping the people of Kete-Krachi.

Competitive Advantage

Well Vodafone is a major competitor in Kete-Krachi with a very slow internet services so there are just a few or no cafe in Kete-Krachi, as of now, due to the poor services that have been rendered to them by Vodafone. Its because Vodafone uses ADSL to provide internet services to the people, through telephone cable wires, hence causing massive traffic which the ADSL can not support. But with the introduction of VSAT communication there through the satellite, I think that will improve the internet services in Kete-Krachi and further spread this business around other towns in the area, since research has shown that apart from fiber-optic transmission of signals, VSAT is the best especially when it comes to remote regions. In times of repeating this in nearbouring towns, I will just link radio devices to point to the base-station for signal.

Rationale for the deal

I currently work with a Telecom and IT Firm from where I had this great business opportunity. The opportunity here is that, most of the people in Kete-Krachi town are students, government workers and SMEs, who would love to explore Information Technology to the fullest, instead of always relying on a third party to send messages etc. Vodafone, with their poor services in the town are ripping people off, so imagine if we establish a good and resilient min-ISP in the town; we will simply take Kete-Krachi by storm.

Use of financing

I want to really help the people of Kete-Krachi with technological ideas to improve their lives and also become entrepreneurs. I am looking for a good investor whom I can make good business with and also trust.

Opportunity for the investor

I need equity investment with 50% shares of profit which will be earned annually and the quarterly dividends will be 20%. I need both hands-on investor or silent investor.

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